Favorite Zytel Folders

Nov 4, 1998
I have had alot of good luck with Zytel handled knives, they are lightweight, and don't "jump" out of my pockets like heavier metal handled knives. And they are pretty durable. That and I cannot bring myself to buy an expensive knife just to use it as my everyday beater. I have had a Gerber LST, SOG Autoclip, VG, and now an Ascent.

What are the Forumites' favorites?
Favorite Zytel folders. I have to agree, I like the light wieght and durability. I actually have 2 favorites, The Spyderco Endura and the Zytel Berattas, the ones with the skelotonized blades.


I really like the CRKT Wranglers. The mid-size was the first knife I ever bought, and it's got a nice sharp blade and very strong lock. Even though the steel isn't top of the line, it's easy enough to sharpen.
I've had an EZ-Out, a small Voyager, and an Endura. I gave the EZ-Out and Voyager away - not because they were bad knives but because I just didn't like them. Their new owners both love them. The Endura remains one of my favorite knives even though it's a little big to carry at work.

Gerber covert


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Spyderco Endura is my current favorite in this category. I might like the Goddard Lightweight even more, if it were available without the serrations.

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There is a new one from SOG you might wonna take a look at:
The spyderco C16. Best all around pocket clip knife I have owned to date. Superb ergonomics, great steel, extremely sharp, good gripping suface, nice blade design(drop point), and the price is more than reasonable. Oh yea did I mention it is thin for a very low prfofile and very lite wt. thanks and keep'em sharp.
Lately I have become partial to my CS Voyager.

I also like my Spyderco Native & Dragon Fly.



Greg -- Glad you like the Voyager

I like the Voyagers. The clip stinks, though. I may have to get one of the clip point nonserrated.

I ahve and Endura98 I am very fond of. I bought it off a good friend of mine.
I think the Endura98 beats the Med. or Large Ascent/Eclipse (the medium is ok).

I did get a small Ascent this weekend and I love it! It has the same length edge (actually longer) as the Delica in a much slimmer profile. Still easy to open!

For the most part I like beefier knives (see the "Heavyweights" thread) but lightweight knives have their uses.


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hi yekim!
my favorite that i carry is a vallotton "chameleon". it is the later version and works very smooth.
i've read alot of pros and cons on this knife due to its zytel scales on this quality of a knife. i talked to butch vallotton about this over the phone and he said he built it like this so it would take a lickin and keep on tickin. he also said he can change the scales to something else if a customer wants.
anyway i like mine and carry it all the time. there are some knives made that have better quality in making them than others. one thing i can say for sure is that zytel is tough.
my .02 cents
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Spyderco Endura. My first zytel folder. Sold it to a friend, and bought another one -- and then sold this again to another friend. Now I own the stainless version.

They both lost their Enduras because the original zytel clips loosened, and so their Spydies dropped from their pockets without any of them noticing the loss.

Im glad to know that Spyderco is phasing-out their zytel clips and changing to steel clips.
Some friends and I marvelled over the fact that after all these years and all these (expensive) knives, we still always seem to "end up" with a delica or endura as one of our favorite carry knives. The Endura98 is my current fave of the zytel knives. Good steel, good ergonomics, good solid lock, slim profile, metal clip, good performing blade.

Endura 98 and when I think I may need a backup an Endura 98 Ser left hand side.
Hi all,

There is NO doubt in my mind that the best of the best in Zytel folders is the Spyderco Wayne Goddard LightWeight.

The BM eclipse has a major blade play integrated into its design, the Voyager Zytel clip is out of date and lets don't even mention the Gerber EZ-Outs.... Anyone else ?

I don't think so, The best blade design and execution is definitely the Wayne Goddard.

My 2 cents
My fav Zytel folder would have to be the Spyderco Lightweight Goddard.

I like the partially serrated edge, gives you the best of both worlds. The overall size is just about right. Supporting ATS-55 blade steel, I like better than AUS-8 and ATS-34, also.

Other than the Spyderco Military with G-10 handles & CPM-440V blade, the Goddard lightweight I would have to say is my next fav Spyderco Knife as well!


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I'll have to give my vote to the Spyderco Delica. It has been an excellent knife for a few years now.