Favourite carry position?


Oct 1, 2000
How do you carry your knives? pocket, clip, sheath? where?

At work I carry a multi-tool in a sheath on my belt and a folder in my pants pocket.At home I carry another multi-tool and a Schrade lockback on my belt and a Gerber AR 3.00 in my shirt pocket.I wear a heavy shirt around the house in the winter so I don't know what will become of the AR 3.00 next spring.On occasion at home I grab a folder off my desk and stick it in my pants pocket.Hmmm,now you have me wondering what I do with all these...but I have read of others here that carry enough to fight off an army.

"Just me and my multi-tools."
I carry in the waist band. My belt covers the clip. The Elite rides very low and unobtrusively. Change and keys in may pocket don't go to war with the knife. Jack
I carry an Emerson SOCFK and rotate with a SARK I altenate between my front pocket and waistband at the small of my back

Let's see if I can think of all my carries. Endura clipped to the right pocket, Victorinox Explorer in the pocket, Leatherman Wave in my pock itz pack on my belt, Pro Grip IWB with the clip between the pants and my black belt, a neck knife usually (I'm currently waiting on a new one to be made)Victorinox Signature II on my keys in left pocket, and if I'm going into a bad nieghbor hood sometimes I bring my Endura II clipped to my sock. Yeah that should just about do it. When my BM 42 comes in I'll put it in my pockitz pack as well. You never know when you might need a sharp knife.

Anxiously awaiting my BM 42A
Another vote for IWB carry, with clip under belt.

I also carry a cheap sacrificial small folder in my back pocket for any task that might take a chip out of the blade edge on one of my favorite Benchmark or Spyderco clip-folders.
'Favorite' carry position...well lessee I tend to get visions of diff. versions of the garter belt carry...alla Tim Herman
, not on me...that would truly be unforgettable..but on perhaps 2 'escorts', affording me plenty of protection...of course.

Guess its been a long day..I'm outa here.
Hey but your did say 'favorite' didn't ya.
On the belt in a shealth that covers the knife completely...I live in a very strict country and no problems with the law.
I always carry my swiss army knife in my front pants pocket and I prefer a large folder in a pouch on my belt. If I don't want to "advertise" I slip the large folder in my back pocket and leave the pouch at home. During winter I put the large folder in my jacket pocket.

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In the vest pocket . . . right over the .357 mag J-Frame snubby. "Never take a knife to a gun fight."