Favourite Khukuri Style of 2000

Oct 28, 2000
Of the khukuris that one has seen this year, which one really caught your eye and why?

In my case, I would have to say the Yvsa Cherokee Special (YCS) with the SBS running a very close second.

Why? Yvsa's design is very appealing to the eye. The SBS is the best wood carved work that I have seen ever to come out of BirGhorka.



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They are nice Harry, real prizes. I saw one 18" chiruwa sirupati go by a month ago that I rally wanted. It would have almost been worth the hammer mark on my skull. . . The YCS is a beauty but I don't care for the inlays. I was delighted to read that Yvsa is actually using it, not just hanging it up. (BTW Yvsa, the hunt is still on for your bowl). My favorites are the ones whose new owners write in and describe the joy of having them in their hands. I never get tired of that!

best wishes

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Stephen, you bring up an excellent point with the new owners writing about their new khukuris and handling them. I feel like a little kid on Christmas day who is surprised by a gift that was not expected when I read these posts.

Harry that's the Yvsa _Cherokee_ Special.

And I have to admit that it's my favorite as it's like Uncle said in another post, "It's your design and your knife."
Usually after this much time has passed since I get a new khukuri it gets put with the rest of them in the bedroom, but the YCS stays on my 'puter desk unless its with me being used.

I might, just might wind up with three of the YCS models. I have ordered another one just like the 1st one and thought I might be satisfied with that, but the plain Jane does have a certain appeal.
I will decide when Uncle Bill posts the pix of them when they come in.

And I believe Uncle Bill said that he had ordered something like a dozen of the plain Jane models.
No worry about the inlay with those.
Actually the inlays sorta serve a purpose, it's a lot easier to see the knife when you lay it down in the woods.


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I am not sure if I finally got around to using my Ganga Ram special this year or I actually bought it this year. It is my best khukuri for 2000. The knife is light enough to carry, moves reasonably fast, and penetrates deeply. A great felling khukuri.

Even my mom enjoyed using it.

BirGhorka Kothimoda. Silver elegance.
SBS. Wood splendor.

YCS. still anticipating...........
The silver mounted Kumar Kobra really caught my eye. The picture alone makes me want to pick it up and smite the unjust.
Now there's a picture that I'd like to see!!! I can't even imagine my mother picking up a Khuk (when they saw my Khuks, they asked me what I was doing with those "weapons", they've bought into the "knives and guns are bad" lie after spending their entire lives in the liberal northeast...). The GRS is not something that I've been able to handle yet, however, we seem to have similar taste in Khuks. Hmmmm, maybe once things get back reasonable finance wise...


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For me, it's the UBE, which I strongly feel is the most overall practical and versatile design- hands down, to come out of BirGorka yet, and a worthy legacy for Uncle Bill.

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It has to be the YCS for me !! That is the finest Khurkuri that I have seen in some time. Got my dibs in for one when they arrive. After that is home and paid for maybe a GS . AH the joy of it all!!
since i just discovered khukuris this year I've got to say all of 'em! but in particular,

YCS close second,how much for the "working" version and are all those ordered spoken for?
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">'The GRS is not something that I've been able to handle yet, however, we seem to have similar taste in Khuks. Hmmmm, maybe once things get back reasonable finance wise...</font>

Rob you will love the GRS!!!!
I have 2 and they are the most "controllable" khukuri's I have with the exception of my YCS and 1943 WW II model Fully Curved Khukuri's.
I would also have to put my forward curving 18th Century just below the GRS as one that I can accurately hit my target with each and every time I swing it. And like the GRS the 18th Century is also a good penetrator!!

I keep trying to forget about the "baby" GRS and people here just keep on bringing it up from time to time causeing me great fitz
of HIKV and regret for Not already having one.

After I get the next 2 YCS models I want home and paid for I am gonna have to see about one of the baby GRS models at 17"-18" if I don't "forget" about it again, but now that I've said that mayhaps there will be some that will keep reminding me about it until I actually place the order.(vbeg)

And as if no one can tell the Fully Curved and Forward Curved Khukuris are my absolute favorites!!!!


Each person's work is always a portrait of himself.

---- Samuel Butler.

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All of them,my brother & i used my GS & villigers to take care of "some" of his trees,he was impressed ! For my brother to be impressed is "something"!Nothing ever surprises him!These did, he then had me cut firewood for the fireplace!!Can you believe this, I visit, then "I" have to cut the firewood! It was fun!
Chipped AK! Wait...that was my doing. How about the YCS. I would have to say the AK is my favorite design becuase I can either chop with it or I can saw with it. The YCS has the best profile, handle, and kardas(can I include those?).
My favorite khukuri is the one I am holding at the time I'm asked. But my HI sirupati is still real high on the list.