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FBI knives

Jun 24, 1999
First of all I would like to know if anyone here is currently an FBI agent and if so what did you have to go through to become one? Also what kind, if any, knives do you carry on duty?
I am a federal agent but not FBI. I had an application in with them but was hired by another agency first. The process that I went through was. Take a test, if you passed you have two interviews and some background investigations and a lot of paperwork on personal history. Also when I applied you had to have a bachelor degree in accounting, or a bachelor degree in a field that the FBI felt they needed, I believe they wanted military officers who had not been out more than 1 or 2 years, and one other thing that I'm not sure of but I think that was you had to be a manager in another gov't agency. I don't believe that they get issued knives but if it is like my job your office can get together and decide on a knife that they like and put in a mass order. We ordered Spyderco enduras stainless steel style. However I also carry benchmades and the Emerson commander. The Stryker has an excellent design for cutting into dope bundles.
I remember seeing somewhere in the old days you needed a degree in Law or accounting to be considered.
I just figured out how to get a double post by accident, Sorry.

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I'm not a Fibbie, but I have photos of J. Edgar in a dress… Hey I'm just kidding. I think JEH was a heck of a guy. No need to investigate me for "subversiveness." Really…

Why would FBI guys need a special knife? This is the "how long is a piece of string?" question…

The process for getting in is (also check out their web page for detail):

Send in initial application - gives them basis background info on you (get this form by mail)
Take initial test. Pass it.
Receive LENGTHY background application. Do about a million hours of research on yourself, fill it in and send it in.
Assuming you are OK'd, go to next testing phase, including polygraph exam and physical fitness test.
(The PT test is different than the Marine's/Army's/Navy's - you'll need to practice)
Pass and go to Quantico for 16 weeks resident training course. Probably one of the best LE courses in the world (LAPD, is another)
Better like Marines, because the FBI Academy is on the Marine base and there's tons of former Marines in the FBI

Some requirements:
No or EXTREMELY limited "record" - and they check
No or extremely limited drug use - and they polygraph - better be NO "hard" drugs
You don't have to be a lawyer or an accountant, but they always need a bunch of both
If you are a lawyer, you're in a different pool than the other guys, who need a Bachelor's and experience.
Accountants (actual CPAs) are in a different pool, too (I think!)
The regular pool is the toughest - most competition.
Military helps, but is not a requirement, and doesn't get you into a different pool.
They are a strong affirmative action employer, so if you're in a special group, you're better off.