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FBM and Crash Rat

007 Agent ZZero

Gold Member
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Jan 23, 2006
Got my FBM (Urban Grey, Black Canvas STD) and it doesn't sit as well with me as I thought it would. Plus I live about 15 min from the Pentagon so it's a sheeple fest around here. I am thinking of letting go of my Crash Rat (Swamp Rat AXE) also, looking for Busse, Swamp Rat, and Strider blades. Let me know what you have, send offers to christian.lavenia@gmail.com Thanks
Special interest in the
Busse Basic 7, 9, BIBB, NO-E, SH-E, FSH,
Swamp Rat BAttle Rat, Camp Tramp, HR 2nd gen or LM
Strider Fixed blades
SYKW Street Scrapper 4
But anything from these 3 companies is great, both pieces are brand spanking new, LATE CHRISTMAS ANYONE???? Looking for trades first, selling later
I have a Busse Basic 7 AND a Strider Model MTL (CPM S30V STEEL) fixed blade I will trade you for the Fusion Battle Mistress.

I cannot seem to open your e-mail address so please e-mail me at laurmarg@earthink.net and I will send you some pics