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FBM CG vs S.O.W. Variant

Dec 20, 2002
I am trying to figure out if the Combat Grade Fusion Battle Mistress LE is going to be a much better deal than the S.O.W. Variant and which one would hold or appreciate in value more? Which one will be harder to acquire in 2-3 months. They are both $697, but the FBM LE is over 10" of Infi, almost 2" wide and the S.O.W. Variant is only approx. 6" long and maybe 1.375" ??? wide. If Infi was being priced by the inch the FBM LE blows the S.O.W. Variant out of the water. The S.O.W. Variant two runs is going to be around 40 knives. How many FBM LE's are there going to be? I am keeping all options open. I figure the FBM LE is going to be pulled fairly soon...What you you guys think??? TIA...

This is just my opinion so take it for what it's worth.

Neither of them are going to "sky-rocket" in regards to the price because of the higher price to begin with. You will see some slight movement on the price of both of them once they are no longer easy to obtain, however because of the more limited nature of the SOW variant I expect it to increase slightly more rapidly.

The FBM will be the more popular knife in the long run, how well that will translate to an increase in price is anyone's guess. (I say this because the BM is the flagship model and probably the most popular knife ever sold ;) )

I truly love the variants and the limited models, so I've bought both of them (covering my bases so to speak ;) )

I hope that helps
I fear I am too new to give you an opinion you can rely on.

However...I suspect there will be more FBM LEs than S.O.W. Variants. Just judging by the apparent popularity of the FBM LE -- heck, even I ordered one!

You could also say the S.O.W. V is a more 'attractive' knife because it is smaller and more 'handy.' More folks might covet it. Certainly, it is closer in size to the much-desired SFNO...

So perhaps the S.O.W. V is a better 'investment.' (I don't put any store in 'pricing by the inch', not for objects like these.)

That said, I'd still rather have the FBM LE. But that's probably just me. We'll see what others say.
I have been told recently by many that thoughts such as this are very unhog like. However to answer your question, the S.O.W. has a production run of 40-50 maby. The FBMLEs' are already confirmed to have numbers running well over the 200 mark. So for rairity the S.O.W. is the winner. I also think the color combination is a winner. Red seems to look very nice on Jerrys' knives and there aren't alot produced with that color handle.