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FBM Finally Arrived

Mar 20, 2002
Well it sat at the post office since thursday, because the temp postman was to lazy to come to the door and knock... I was home when the mail came:mad: and to beat all... I've been off work since the 23rd and because the postoffice was closed yesterday I don't have time to go beat the heck outta the FBM...

Oh well.... it's a beautiful blade
Looks like your having yourself a Infi week.
Sweet Hog and Dogs.

Nice combo Jay!!! Glad you finally got it... my temp driver did the same thing to me across Christmas holiday with some of the GWs. But in my case she was too afraid to deliver... she has "lost" one of my packages before (long story that's still unravelling).

Congrats on both the scrappers and the FBM!
Raden congrats on the scores! The FBM is awesome!! Are those mags or standard scales?:cool:
Nice scores Raden! I think that color combo is probably one of my favs so far that I have seen on the FBM. Looks awesome :thumbup:
Real Sweeeet! congrats, I likey...I likey a lot!:thumbup:
Very Nice! I was recently charged for mine, so it should be here soon.

Is that Tan w/black and tan?
That's awesome! If I had the money for another FBM I would probably go for that combo :thumbup:
That Desert Camo 'n Black/Tan G10 combo looks friggin' awesome, Jay!!!

:thumbup: :cool: :thumbup:
Very nice, thanks for posting the pic. I hope you don't mind I've borrowed your pic for the "FBM Compilation thread" if you want it removed please let me know