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Fbm Le User?

Nov 2, 2005
Has anyone used an LE? Can anyone tell me what it weighs??? I have oak where I camp and a wood burning stove in my kifaru tipi. I know my gransfor and corona saw do fine, but I love big knives versatility for making clearings and dealing with thinner green wood. I have a FBM, is this thing gonna really out do it in hardwood chopping? I know the handles are not an even comparison.
FBM LEs will be shipping this week for the first batch. Therefore no one has used one yet except for maybe the Boss Hog.
Should be quite a bit heavier than the standard CGFBM due to the extra thickness and no corrugations.

A real handful of INFI.

At 0.32 inches thick, over 2 inches wide, and 16 inches overall length, could it be the heaviest production Busse ever?
Based on the experience of others (you can find Threads on this), the FBM is an excellent chopper. Fits the hand well, chops like crazy, doesn't tire you out.

I would get a CG FBM to be my user. And an FBM LE to fondle and admire.

And maybe another CG FBM just because.

Wait a minute! I really did do that...

[You must also decide -- standard handles or mags? But that's another Thread.]
I intend to use mine when it comes. But we'll see if i have the guts to do it once it actually arrives...
The HOGFSH was an absolute beast...that is the only reason I bought a FBMLE and because of it I will love and abuse that LE!!!! No queens here...except a FNMOASH!
I don't have my LE, but when I have it, I'll beat the crap out of her:thumbup: :D