FBM mags or no mags for user?

On the Heavy Hearts (similar blade thickness), I actually preferred the standard scales, but that's just me. I have relatively large (size L or XL gloves) hands as well.

I have four FBMs coming with standard scales.

If you're really waffling and you can't handle someone else's knives, buy one of each. In the long run, you can always get your money back out of the one you don't like.
Standard handles all the way. I prefer the controlability they give in using it. Also you can make them thicker by doing a 550 cord wrap though the rivets. I did this on my FSH and it is thick like a mag and much more comfortable than a mag.
Skunk says something like, "Thick on thin and thin on thick."

Once you cut through the Yoda intonations, it makes some sense. :D
I prefer the mags all the way. But last week I had some gloves on while using my Busse and with gloves the standard scales where much more comfortable then the mags.
I like the Magnums, and I have medium-smallish hands.

Alternatively you can get regular scales and use friction tape to build up areas to make your own personalized magnums. That will be completely custom to your palm. I did this to a BM-DE, and after 20 minutes and about 10 feet of wasted tape I finally got it perfect.
I actually wonder if the FBM LE is going to be too big for my hands.

Nearly a third of an inch of INFI plus mag grips. :eek:

Who knows though? That one may be so thick that it feels thin. :D
I liked the magnums a lot better than the standard handles on the Hell Razor, but on the FBM, I don't have a clear preference. I have both (because snakeskin doesn't come in magnum), and I think I'm leaning slightly towards the standard handles.
For me its standard handle. Let me put it this way, and i am not joking like always, you will be happy with both.

Standard: It comfort all the way, all the time. FBM isn't that thick, it is thinner than HH or other LE. Although is long, standard handle still gives very comfort grib.

G-10 Mag: First impression, the G-10 Mag is way aggrassive on its pattern. the scale is a bit big, the curve did not float exactly with my palm. After I hold a while, I start to like it. Still think its a bit aggrassive, but it start to grow. I doubt eventually I will prefer Mag more, but at least i don't hate it, and it looks cool.

Mic Mag: I did not purchase one, so i can't tell you.

After all......hv you got a snake skin yet. If it is your first Busse, get SS. If it is not your first Busse, order at least one with SS. You just gotta have at least 1 SS from Busse in every purchase. I love them. Go SS then u force to go with standard. As user, your sweat will make SS shine :D :thumbup:
I bought two FBM CGs with mags "just in case." You never really know until you handle a new design just how it's going to feel in hand.

That said, I expect that my two favorites are going to be the black/green linen and tan/snakeskin, both with standard scales.
Haven't had them long enough yet. But I did take everyone's advice and get a mag and a standard.

Early impression...I like the mags.

I have medium-sized hands, but they're pretty muscular (for an old guy).
Standard handles much preferred here. Had a Heavy Heart with mags & was too thick for me.
Magnums.:thumbup: :thumbup:

I have medium hands and the hump in the middle just locks my hand on the handle.:D
I actually wonder if the FBM LE is going to be too big for my hands.

Nearly a third of an inch of INFI plus mag grips. :eek:

Who knows though? That one may be so thick that it feels thin. :D

That's a good point. I think the LE will be a handful.

I almost wish we had some options when we ordered our LE's.

Could you imagine an FBMLE with a set of standard black paper micarta handles.

I have 2 fat MOASHs' and they have std handles and I would have still preferred mags. Mags aren't that fat and do provide a more secure grip. At least for me they do.