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FBM sheath suggestions

Jun 8, 2000
need a bit of help here folks. last time i asked for help on sheaths, valleytinworks made the excellent suggestion of the specops brand sheath for my hellrazor(i thank you for that). i went with the specops survival sheath and been very satisfied with it. basicaly looking for the same thing that will fit the 'mistress. only real important features would be that the sheath NOT be black and most importantly that it can retain the knife very securely.

if i had it my way, i'd sit down and make a sheath. have not had the time for that in awhile.
i bought the ontario Rtak sheath for my FBM and it is a great fit and it holds it securely. but its black
aside from the ontario sheath, which i have seen in pics and looks great, you will have to go custom for a knife the size of the fbm.

im getting leather, with a wraparound pouch for a gw.