Feedback on kershaw BOA? Yea or Nea?

There is a comprehensive review done nicely by Mr. Sergiusz Mitin not long ago, use ur search icon. I finally handled one today, and I loved it. It has a very nice feel to it, due to its aluminum and very ergo handle, the action is superb. It's got a nice weigh to it just the way i like it, overall it's a very well built knife. The only complain i had is the price tag of $189 retail, although the knife is nice but i dont think it's $189 nice.
Thanks Sharp Edge

Here is the link:
Got mine from Bayou Laforch (THANKS!) for WAY less that $189 - I think like $109 shipped. I like it a lot so far. Gadget factor is high, and the colors are a welcome change from black G-10 and bead blasted Ti. Very interesting blade shape. Handle is comfy.

The safety was pretty much unnecessary, IMHO, but it's no intrusion on the knife, so I'm glad it's there to appease the less confident.

(less than 24 hours of experience, so I can't be much more detailed than that).

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