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Fenix P1D for Christmas


Gold Member
Jul 12, 1999
I got a Fenix P1D for Christmas, and I think I've had it long enough now to give some initial impressions.
It's not quite small enough for a keychain light, so I carry it in a jacket pocket. In winter that means I almost always have it with me.
Initial shock: the brightness of it in both the first and second modes.
5 Output Levels: 72 lumens (2.8hrs) -> 135 lumens (1hrs) -> 12 lumens (21hrs) -> Strobe -> SOS
Yes, I have accidentally flashed my own eyes with it. Not fun. However, I'm not sure how long that would really keep a thug blinded.
There's not a "tactical switch" on the tail, but if you have the cap adjusted right, you can turn it on by pulling the cap toward the body of the light.

I think this is a new generation of quality LED lights. The P1D is probably too small to be a true "self-defense" flashlight, but it's bright enough and the batteries last long enough to get you out of a lot more common situations. The only improvements I'd ask for in a nighttime protection light are a tailcap and more size (maybe 3 AAs). But the P1D is so practical that I can't hold those deficiencies against it.
i got myself one for x-mas, it should be here mon AM, they sure sound like the new thing, i cant believe its as bright as they say, will post when i get it/play with it some,
SIFU1A, where's that post you promised us???

And by the way, if you got me one for Xmas too it's not arrived yet!!!