Fer de Lance info???

Aug 4, 1999
First of all, thanks Srider!!!! He gave me the name of the knife........
To make a long story short....I had a friend that had a Fer de Lance, got stolen with a lot of other stuff...He and I and several friends always liked that knife!!! It looked nice, handled well,ETC.. I heard that the company that made them was out of business and they were no longer available.
After much coersion, and threats of bodily harm from my friends, I have agreed to look into the feasability of making 3 of them.
I would like to find out who designed the knife, what it was made from, and if they would mind if I did this, and..... If in fact the company that made them IS out of business. Lastly, I am hoping to find a Forum member that has one and could provide me with a close tracing of the knife, or has one for sale at a good price.
I am thinking A2 and black G10.....
Any information in this regard would be greatly appreciated!!!!
Different Fer-de-lance by Whitewolf. I did however get an email from a company a couple of months back stating that they had some of the Pacific Cutlery fer-de-lance and the timbas on clearance. Below is the posted email in case you want to contact them about getting a couple. (email from them follows):

>Dear Sir
>We notice that you have had a range of Pacific Cutlery knives.
>Our company is the Australian distributor for Spyderco, Al Mar, CRKT,
>Leatherman to name a few.
>Until Japan stopped production a few years ago ( well after the US
>company ceased ) we were importing Pacific Cutlery knives to Australia.
>We have some Timba & Fer De Lance models left - which were the only
>models made by the Moki Factory - are we are closing them out. These are
>excellent knives and very hard to come by.
>If you are interested please email us or fax (61-2-98171144) and we will
>advise a price to you as well as how many remain in stock.
>We also have a small number of discontinued models from Executive Edge &
>G. Sakai that we are clearing.
>Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you.
>Michael Yates

I wrote them back to get some verification that they were the knives I thought and they sent pictures; they were the same knives. This next email was the followup:

>Thanks for your email on the Pacific Cutlery Knives.
>We have 42pc of Fer De Lance & 19pc of Timba models left in stock. Our normal
>wholesale price has been US$85.00. The closeout price is just US$39.00 FOB
>per knife for any quantity.
>Each comes in its original box with a high quality ballistic nylon sheath.
>We can ship by any means you like.
>If you have any qustions please do not hesitate to contact me
>Thanks & regards
>Michael Yates - setay@ozemail.com.au

Just a thought. Give it a try if you're interested.

I would like to add that Mr. Michael Yates has been a Spyderco Distributor in Austalia for more than 10 years. Michael and his wife are as "Honest, fair & Proper" as they come. Just a thought to share.
Dr. Lathe,

I believe Frank Ruff at Ruff's Saddle Shop and Knife Sales has one of these and that's here in central Fla. in Umatilla. His Ph. # is 1-352-669-3143. Perhaps you can get with him and work something out.

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

Thanks for the leads every one. I am waiting for an answer from Australia and I will call the Fl number on Tues. If wish I could just buy 4 of them. But my freinds are sold on the A2 and carbon fiber idea!!!!!