Fiddleback Forge Changes April 2021


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Oct 19, 2005
Fiddleback Forge is going to go through some changes starting in April, and I thought I would explain what is going to happen. There are a lot of reasons for this change, but basically, I'm exhausted. My body seems to be breaking down a bit and frankly I just can't keep this pace up. Working full time for Fiddleback Forge and part time for Pops for the last two years is really catching up to me and my hands and shoulders are constantly in pain. In addition, I haven't been able to take time off for vacations, or even sick days and Dr appointments. There are business and financial reasons for the changes as well.

What is changing? Well, I am reducing the output at Fiddleback Forge to what is manageable for one person. This is actually quite exciting for me because I will be able to put 100% of the work into each knife. It also means I will be able to experiment with things that I haven't had time to play with. More kitchen knives, Damascus, hamons, swords, and possibly even some metal bolsters.

What is very sad for me is that I can't keep my employees going forward. Letting Phil go is breaking my heart. And I feel truly sorry for having to do it. I consider Phil more than a friend. I know y'all love him too. I'm hoping he can forgive me and we can stay as close as we have been.

Outpost will have some changes to make to Fiddleback Friday. As that is Robert's business, I'll let him come up with a plan and give y'all the details. What I can say is that the Friday event will continue to happen, but will include more of the graduated apprentice knives, and may include knives from friends of the business that y'all will recognize.

I can't thank all of you enough for your support over the years, and I hope y'all continue to enjoy Fiddleback Forge knives. It was never, in my opinion, more about me and what I did than it was about y'all and your enthusiasm.

And finally, I hope to see y'all at Trackrock this week. I'm excited about it!


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Feb 9, 2012
Better buy up those used Fiddlebacks. Prices always go up when the maker dies.


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Jan 30, 2002
Better buy up those used Fiddlebacks. Prices always go up when the maker dies.

Bmurray? No one is dying here. This is business evolution, adapting to survive in changing environment.

The quality, character, and integrity of Andy Roy and Fiddleback Forge endure.