Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 1/10/20

B Griffin

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Dec 22, 2007
Have no was in fact Doublemint. Lemon Drop is from the Yellow Pinstripes, not Lime. Lime is Doublemint.

100% sure...I checked every one of each we've listed for the last 3 years. You did good VANCE VANCE ;)

Okay. I know what makes what lol, it's the liners in the image on the Nora looking lime green but the ones on the patch looking yellow and then the whole handle looking yellow on the laptop that made me say that. On the phone it has a little more green tint to it. I guess it is just the perception due to the adjacent colors. I like all of them, but this may be why I tend to like the sunbirst lol, it never looks lemondropish or doubleminty in the images it just looks Sunbursty :)

I'm thinking of snagging the Cross Cut Natural Paper Micarta since it's somehow still there. It's gorgeous AND S35VN! I can count on one hand how many S35VN knives I've seen come out of the shop...not counting the Mid-tech Field Knives of course.

There were a few, a Ladyfinger or two and maybe A Bushfinger or two and a Kephart or two back in 2010 when S35VN was first getting really big and I was first collecting knives made in in by Ed Martin and Newt Martin and Spartan Blades after testing some of both in Florida. But there haven't been very many handmade Fiddlebacks in S35VN