Fighter in African Blackwood

Nov 14, 2006
Hey, guys.

Here's one I've been working on for the A G Russell show. 7.5" 1084, stainless, Afr. blackwood. Blackwood is tough to photo, but this piece I got from the Bybees(Alpha Knife Supply) at Blade is full of color, I included a reverse pic that shows it better.


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Nice, Tad! Love the blackwood. :thumbup: Great looking fighter. Looks to be a handful!!

- Joe
Tad, it goes without saying that I love the knife, but I'm really digging your photography. You are actually able to make your great looking knives look their best and I really feel that that is about as significant a skill as any other in knifemaking if you like selling knives and keeping more of the money.

If a guy can't take pictures to save his life, but makes great looking knives, it pays to have a professional do that for him, but if a guy can do it himself then he's ahead of the game. Just like if you can do your own books instead of paying someone else. Of course there is always that upper level where nothing but professional photographs are expected, but a lot of knife makers could really benefit from studying the basics of photography and acquiring a half decent camera. How many knives are sold at shows, compared to how many sold through internet transactions?

The thing I like most about knife making people is that they are largely self sufficient:thumbup:.
That is exceptionally nice! Love the shape, awesome hamon and about the nicest blackwood i've seen.

Pleasure seeing it Tad,
That is sweet. Really nice blade profile and hamon. And that is an exceptionally pretty piece of African blackwood. Love the chocolate hilights.

Great looking Blade.

The African Blackwood is just gorgeous, and what a spectacular finish !

Very nice work Tad :thumbup:

Great work, Tad :thumbup:
Clean flow and very cool design! It has a very fighter look :)

Tad, another excellent example of your talent!

Lorien, makes a good point concerning your photography skills!

Potomac Forge
Beautiful work, the finish on both the handle and blade are exceptional, could you describe, each?

Mark Behnke