File .wpd to .rtf help


Apr 26, 1999
I typed some information for Sochin re: his post in Political "Target Hardening...
I did this in Corel Wordperfect 8. Big mistake as he can't read the file I E-mailed him.
He needs it set up as a .rtf I don't know what this format is. I am hoping one of you out there knows or can convert it for us. Let me know and I will E-mail the file to you (2 pages)
and you can E it to Sochin. I guess I will be doing my typing in my E-mail prog from now on.

Don Juvet, Somerset CA

Thank You for your help.
I Got Email just a second ago and got it fixed.
I went into wordperfect, selected everything, pasted it into my e-mail prog and
zingo-bingo there it was ready to send.
Some of the easiest solutions often evade us due to their simplicity.

Don Juvet, Somerset CA

Because this is probably of general interest:

"RTF"=Rich Text Format.

It was designed by MicroSoft as an "interchange" format and given away so all word processor makers could set up their progs to be able to read and save "complex" documents. In other words, font and formatting stuff is preserved but they CANNOT contain a Word6/7/97 virus either.

I'd be willing to bet WordimPerfect 8 can deal with .RTF. Try doing a "save as" command instead of "save", and in the screen where you pick a filename there'll probably be a "file format" picker - pick .RTF, the filename should change to "something.rtf" and off you go. That file can now be read on any version of Word going back to 2.0 for Windows and the even earlier DOS versions...while keeping as much of the page layout, font and general formatting as the "more primitive" word processor can handle.

When I send resumes out in EMail I attach 'em as both .RTF and Word97 .DOC. If they can't read the .DOC they can ALWAYS read .RTF. Some technical employment agencies specify .RTF as preferred due to it's inability to pack a virus.

Jim March