Finally Broke Down and Ordered an Edge Pro; Now What?


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Oct 15, 1998
I read so many good things about this system, I went for it.
My Lansky is a pain to set up the clamp perfectly and gives you uneven bevels; and my Spyderco Sharpmaker just doesn't give me that "hair popping" edge.
Edge Pro seems to fill the void.
So, anybody that owns one, what do you think?
Any tips or tricks to help speed up my learning curve?
Enjoy. I love mine, and the instructions and video are excellent. I don't know if you ordered the extra stones, but the 3000 grit tape puts a great polish on the blade! Talk about sharp...

If you have a knife with a significant belly, keep in mind that the edge angle changes as you approach the tip (moving up the grind towards the spine), so the "grind angle" will change. I'm probably using the wrong terms, anyone else please feel free to correct me.

I completely disregarded this when sharpening my CS SRK, and just went at it for a couple of hours until I had a consistent edge angle all the way to the tip. It greatly changed the edge profile, but I like it better this way. Talk about sharp... I can now cut dust particles floating in the air. For proof, send me $19.95 in a self-addressed stamped envelope...

You'll enjoy this system. I'm lousy at sharpening, and even I can really put an edge on my blades if I'm careful.
take your time do read the text and watch the vidio.
and relax when using it and you will get better the more you use ti.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Lenny:
Any tips or tricks to help speed up my learning curve?
No tricks
Just, no rush. Do it slowly before oyu get used to it.
Also the polishing tapes are much easier to clean when wet

Have Fun,

I don't feel so bad now. I ordered one this last weekend for the same reasons!
I'm just in that waiting period, waiting for the "Big Brown Truck" to get here with it. I've got a few longer blades that I need it for as well. Should be fun, though!

Thanks for all the info guys.
Do all the systems come with the video?
I thought that was a separate order item.
Oh well, I'll figure it out.
Lenny, the Professional comes with a video, the Apex does not. The Apex also does not come with the variety of stones that the professional does.


P.S., if anyone wants a Professional, email me.

Hey, it's a happy day! I just got my Edge Pro Apex! Ben had it sent it out Monday, and I got it on Wednesday! Too cool!
I bought the upgrade kit for it as well. Time to sit down and do some reading! Need to go by Home Depot and get a roll of Painter's tape for this thing as well.