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Finally finished it!!!

Aug 24, 1999
Jeez I hope the pic works...even idiot-proof with the new software, I doubt they reckoned on how perfect an idiot I am...

In case it doesn't, here's the link: http://www.geocities.com/Kalindras/images/Stacie04.jpg

that said...

Finally, my very first barstock-to-blade knife is finished! This piece, from ThunderForge Damascus, has ivory handles and nickel pins.

Any tips on how to finish out ivory though? I'm a teensy bit bummed out, because when I buffed it (white rouge), it wound up looking a LOT like plastic!!!!!


Anyway, thoughts, comments, and analysis are all welcome, Mr. Spock!

<fontsize=3 color=midnightblue><b> Greetings Kalandris. Go <a href=http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=158696>HERE</a> for a look at a knife I did with mastadon ivory and finished out with 6 ought steel wool; gives it an antique look as opposed to "new and shinney". Please check your pic link; it won't come up on my machine.... I wanna see the picture!!

regards, mitch
Okay, I've set up the pic at a different site...let's see if THAT one is visible...

If it isn't, then I'm stumped. All the HTML looks right to me, but...

:mad: :confused: :mad:

I hate HTML.
Wow nice work!! For a first knife I am Reallly Impressed!!!!! :eek: :eek

Keep it up and I hope to see more of your work!!

regards :
I did a bone handle and buffed it on the dirty hard wheel that I use for brass and steel.(brain fart) when I tried to clean it up the dark polish had discolored the bone giving it a nice antique effict.

I keep saying this over and over try a test piece and see what happens a partial list of things to try would include. ink , dye(for wood leather and cloth)wood stain, linsead oil, tong oil, different buffing compounds, clay, steel wool, etc etc etc

never under estimate the value of an accident

Oh did I say I liked you knife
Very nice! You went ahead with damascus on your first knife?!? Wow.

As far as the ivory, it usually does look like plastic when it's buffed, same as Oosic and Giraffe bone (for me and the compounds I have anyway). To alleviate this I started using polishing paper that I bought from K&G. It gives a nice luster, adds the depth to the piece we want, but doesn't gloss it over so much that it looks like plastic. It's definitely worth a try...

I really appreciate all of the compliments, guys! Finishing this knife has really given me a new outlook on what I'm doing. Before, I always kind of felt, well, weird, saying that I 'made' knives, and was very careful to explain to people that I would buy blades and put handles on them. Now, although the major body of my work to date remains of that nature, I don't feel so weird about it...

The ivory is just sort of, well, I don't know...I'm thinking about maybe hitting it VERY LIGHTLY with 600 grit, just to take the shine off of it--thoughts?

And my wife, Gods bless her, asked me the other day, "Is there any way to kind of...well...back it up a step or so?" When I asked her what she was talking about, she complained that the Damascus was too textured, now (keep in mind, this is the same woman who asked me to etch it more, because the pattern wasn't high enough for her...DOH!). Well, Bob had mentioned lacquering damascus at one point, but other than that (which I know NOTHING about) or sanding it down and re-etching it...I can't think of any solution. I explained this to her, and her response was, "Oh, okay. I thought it was just something you could do back and forth..." [insert long discussion with wife here about exactly what happens when you use and etch Damascus steel in a knife].

;) :p :rolleyes: :D
BEAUTIFUL....Looks like the rest of you Pro's are gonna have some more competition!
Really nice knife.
That is one fantastic first knife! Beautiful combination of materials. Give that 600 grit a try, I'd bet you'll like the results.:)
Very nice knife, Kalindras! I love the damascus. I sure wouldn't want to see you back off on that etch a bit. Looks fantastic to me.

You didn't say what kind of wood was in the handle. Is it ebony, or blackwood? Since it seems to have a bit of texture, am sure you'll like the results if you take the steel wool to the ivory.

Real different and interesting use of pins. I like it.

Keep it up like this and we'll all be saying, "We knew him when . . ."