Finally getting back on my feet!


Jan 16, 2006
Wow what a long road:(

I have ran the gammet of emotions the past few months. But, things are now finally looking better for me!

I apologize for dissapearing on all of you. I had no choice in the matter. I am slowly getting back into the groove. I am finding though that it is a bit more difficult than what I expected. In regards to time.......

I have less time to make the tools I so love to make. I keep plugging away and thinking that I will be able to ramp up to 10 a month again soon.

Living alone I find that I have less time because I have things around the new place that need fixin. But in time, I will have all things in line and running smooth.

Thanks for all the continued support and help through my difficult time. I really appreciate it!!!!


I will post some pics of the new set up in a few days:)
Glad to see you back Nick! :thumbup::thumbup: Good to hear things are beginning to come around for you. Looking forward to seeing the new set up.
GREAT NEWS and I hope things are smooth sailing from here on out!!! I should have pics up next month of the Gun/Knife combo...just waitin' on the revolver to get back!

Glad to see ya posting again Buddy!!!

Good to hear things are looking up, Nick! :thumbup: I'm looking forward to seeing you getting back into your groove!
Right on Nick :thumbup: I kept checking in everyday hoping to see you make it back, I knew you would. And that is a tough one-two punch to come back from for sure. Hope you able to post more as well, keep at it man, all the NWA supporters are here for you :)
Don't post much but I have been following your progress. Glad to hear your back.
Sorry about the mess that life can sometimes bring. But from a personal perspective and the perspective of many on the forum this is great news! I personally have 3 I need to order, so whenever you're ready let me know.

Glad to hear Nick! Welcome back and hopefully things will continue to improve.
Thanks guys, I am trying my hardest to clean up all my old orders. So if anyone has one with me and I haven't responded, please contact me.

Awesome, welcome back! You're headed in the right direction (from one who's done it...). When you're ready for some new orders put me down for a Sierra Scout. We'll get you funded so you can keep pushin' ahead in life Nick.
Glad to see you are back Nick!

Always have been and always will be an admirer of your fine knives!
Glad to hear things are coming together for you. If you need anything just give a shout out.
Glad things are getting a little better Nick. And I'm sure many will be glad to see you making your awesome knives again.
Good to see you back Nick. Glad that you are getting back on your feet with things.
It's been awhile my friend.

Glad to hear, Nick. I've been there, it is a tough road, but you can do it. Looking forward to my next NWA someday!