Finally have the whole family together!

May 27, 2013
Decided to empty my knife bag and snap a shot
1- Dont remember the brand 2- Kaji Fusion 9 inch Slicer 3- Kaji Fusion 8 inch Chef 4- Bob Kramer 8 inch Chef 5- Classic 8 inch Chef 6- Tan Ren 8 inch Chef 7- Classic 7 inch Asian Chef 8 + 9 Classic Sandwich Knife and Ultimate Utility 10- Tan Ren 6 inch utility 11- Alton Angle 6 inch Utility 12- Henkel 5 inch serrated utility 13- Classic Ultimate Paring
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Thanks! Got a bonus at work so I had to add a knife and take an updated family photo!
What a great collection. I see you have two of the utility knives. Are they really that versatile?

I bought the one back in 2005 maybe when it was called the Sandwich Knife and I really like it. I bought the 2nd because it was on the clearance rack of Sur La Table for $75

great collection! how long did it take to get all of those?

All but two were purchased within the last 3 years