Finally! Random Task

Cruised in my favorite store last night and BOOM, there it was! It was love at first sight.
I looked at several at before I selected one, and all appeared to be free of the problems that the first mini's had. The blades were all centered when closed, and lockup seemed just right. None of them showed any blade play.
The best part was I got it for $89+tax, less than most want for the mini!
The only negative thing I can say is that I've almost worn my thumb to the bone flicking it. The thumb stud has quite a bite.
Oct 3, 1998
Hi Dakota,

Thanks for posting your impressions of the 1510. When I received my 1510, the thumb stud's traction notches were also a bit on the aggressive side. This was remedied quite easily by taking my DMT fine grit Diafold hone and carefully filing down the notches a bit. Now, there is no aggressive bite yet I can get a non-slip purchase on the stud to make the blade jump open. Give this a try. Hope this helps!

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator


Hey Dakota

Does your favorite knife shop sale mail-order? I'd like to pick one up for $89 my self.
Post an 800 # if they have one.

By popular demand here's the link:

I'm not sure if they do mail order or not, but it's worth a shot.

P.S. My thumb says thanks for the tip, Dexter!
Dakota-Great price on that knife- they are probably underpricing them and so everyone should scarf one up while the getting is good.
I like the knife- but I really like the little one better. The big one is nicely designed with a great feeling grip I really like the polished G10 and there is a thumb area on top which is cross grooved making the feel very comfortable and steady. I like theHeres a scan:

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