Finished Fighter

Nov 27, 1999
All done...comments please. I'd like to know what you don't like about it as well as what you do like. Thanks

It looks lethal! I like the blade shape and the handle material (cherry?) a lot. I'm not in love with the squared off butt shape. The design might be a bit stronger if the rounded guards were echoed in the rear, but it looks like it's probably pretty comfortable as it is....What are the specs?
Thanks Peter. I'm not sure about the butt either. When I pick it up I love it. When I stare at it I wonder...what if???
The specs are:
14' LOA and the blade is 8'...the skull crusher is 1.5'.
1/4 5160 tempered at 375 for 1.5 hours.

The Grip is my MORTAL ENEMY...ROSEWOOD, this will be my last Rosewood handled knife. Even all wrapped up like a demented firefighter, I got sick last night finishing it. I love rosewood but it hates me.
hope you feel better. i bet the neibors had a talk about you walking around in full gear. any inspectors come by today?:D i think the butt end is a area of discussion. i think more people have probaly hurt themselves with those scullcrushers, i thought the other end was the bussiness end imo what peter said about the accent of repeating the curvese i see.but also you have two corner points that dont give you a solid point to hit. but give you two points to bounce off your arm chest etc, if you put two pieces of nickel silver on it could be pommel shaped and filed. the blade looks stong and a little elongated which looks great and the way you halted the demon wood looks:cool: take care
Greetings Peter. I like the new knife, especially the "applied hafting. I assume you bead blasted the entire piece then attached the scales; I like the look. Too bad about the rosewood. I guess I'm lucky because nothing seems to cause me trouble and I simply love the smell rosewood gives up when I grind it... good thing too as I've a truck load of the stuff.

regards, mitch
Very nice!!!!

I think the 18th cen. furniture designers had it right. for the best lines think female anatomy. If you get the lines right every guy will want one, and will not even realize why.

when you talk about reacting to rosewood, is it one or all of them, the list includes; paduke, purple heart, bloodwood, brazilian rw., east indian rw., honduran rw, and about 10 others.

If you aren't sure, be careful
Peter, Nice knife Good proportions and thickness. Mean blade. If I had to protect myself with it I would want the gaurds longer and pointed forward some to catch in-coming steel. I like the idea of a skull crusher but they would look even more wicked if they too were pointed. Pretty handle.
Thanks everyone. Mitch and Peter, it seems that it is the whole rosewood family I'm sensitive to. I sanded a small forest over the years but one day it just hit me. As usual I did a little research and then ignored what I found and just like the research said, it got worse each and every time I used it.

Back to the knife, the knife was not built as a pure fighter. I get in so few knife fights these days. It was also to be a large pack knife for bowhunting. The skullcrusher is hardened so I can use it to strike flint, light hammering, holding down parts etc. I could have made the guards larger but I have found that even in a pure fighter, that is mostly a matter of look these days. In short, I once again gave up looks for a feature I wanted and in the case of the guard a little more portibility.

Thanks again.