Fire and Smoke. Report from Reno.

Mar 5, 1999
There's a fire up on the mountain just west of us burning on the west side of 10,776 ft. Mr. Hood -- maybe 15 to 20 thousand acres gone. Interstate 80 going across the Donner Summit was closed a couple of days back due to smoke. And the smoke down here in the Washoe Valley continues to be very bothersome.

To give you an idea of just how bad it is I had to take the battery out of my smoke detector because it kept going off at odd hours. Ashes everywhere and messy. Folks with respiratory and related problems have more problems now.

There's a front due to pass thru tomorrow and bring winds which will probably make things worse. I'm going to send up a little more smoke of my own making for those poor devils up there fighting the fire. They have their hands full.

Yesterdays' paper headlines said "FIRE THREATENS RENO". Rusty, you may be having company!

Stay tuned.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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Stay safe Bro and run away from the fire and not into it!!!
Smoke will be going up from here as well. Those firefighters are some of the bravest men and women around anywhere!!!!


Indin word for lousy hunter.
Uncle we've had more than a few scares from wildfires around this part of Fl. too. Now just the opposite, continual rains have flooded in a few places.
If I could, I'd send some of our rains your way. Stay safe and keep us posted, we'll be hoping for the best.
It jumped I-80.

Just remember the last kami strike and the reasons they gave for it. ( For those not familiar, the kamis heard Bill was sick and shut down to go to the temples and pray for him. They figured if he died, there was no one to sell what they made, and they would starve. If he lived, they'd have a chance to work hard and catch up. Sounds a delightful story til you realize it's based on cold hard fact. )

Remember that you are the most valuable assest HI has far as the kamis are concerned. Behave accordingly.

"Holiness is not a very serious business, and it is a very serious business indeed. I misspeak - it is not a solemn business."
As easy as falling off a log. Do something stupid.

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Sounds like you need a respirator or gas mask to keep the carsinogens at bay. As long as there is sufficient oxygeon a mask will help.

Bro I know first hand how nasty a forest fire can get, even when there's no forest to speak of like the lower elevations with the scrub in So Cal.
There's something heart felt, and not a good feeling, about seeing the land burn like that.

Has the fire abated any at all?

And Good Smoke still going up for the firefighters.
They are some of the bravest men and women on earth and all too often are in very dangerous situations and all too often one or more are lost in the fire they're fighting.

And many times the Smokejumpers from Oklahoma, largely Indin are called to other states when things get really bad.
Sometimes they go for periods as long as 36 and more hours without a break!!
AFAIC they all deserve a healthy head dress full of Eagle Feathers!!!! Whether Indin or not!!!!


Indin word for lousy hunter.

I totally agree. We almost lost a couple of crews last year at the Jasper Fire. I was a firefighter in the Air Force for six years. Wildland fires are the worst to fight. Anyone who does it is an automatic hero as far as I'm concerned...

Was it only a year ago ( or two? ) that fire happened near Hamilton Montana? My wife has family there. I guess winter snow finally put it out. Probably burned enough timber to build an entire smaller nation. Let fuel build up for years, don't permit culling of dead/unhealthy trees, and Clinton/Gore prohibiting roads so noone can get in. That's criminal. Couple more bad fires round Tahoe in past few years too. Too many dead/dying trees weakened by drought and attacked by beetles. Can they go up and remove them - uhh uhh.

Sorry, I get mad at the ecoterrorists/ecofreaks who want to keep everyone out except the hikers. I'd rather see logging roads, chained off to prevent overuse, and limited access to designated wilderness base camp areas that let the fat, cripples, and decrepit drive in, camp in carefully laid out and prepared campsites, etc., and let those who are able hike further in on trails to other campsites hidden well.

The hunters, ducks unlimited folks, etc., are the ones who rebuilt much of the game and widerness areas for everyone's benefit. They husbanded the land and taught respect for it for decades ( yeah, there are the slob hunters ) before the Sierra Clubbers came along and demanded their radical rules.

It's unkind, but more Sierra Club types should go up to Jarbidge. The local shovel brigades would ensure they provided much needed nourishment for the plants. Next time it rained, the desert would really bloom in spots 6 feet long and 2 feet wide.

"Holiness is not a very serious business, and it is a very serious business indeed. I misspeak - it is not a solemn business."
Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the native americans used to set semi-controlled (controlled to the best of their ability) brush fires. I mean, it had the effect of stimulating new growth, made the land more fertile for whatever agriculture they practiced, and prevented largescale brushfires from getting out of control.

This is something they need to start doing again, and keep some of these fires from getting out of control.

Just my opinion,

Had a big fire up here in Alberta which actually started as a result of a controlled burn last year...seems the fire went underground into peat moss and was smoldering until the very dry conditions helped it go into flame ...The rain we've been experiencing daily in the last 2 weeks has been helpful.