Firkin, Please Say Hi

Motion carried. Firkin is missed. Thanks to Firkin, I've been roasting and grinding fresh spices instead of using preground spices.
I told Firkin once that if he'd cook for the dates he really liked he'd be married to one by now.

errr,.... Hi.

Sorry, I've got some 'net/'puter problems at home -- right now I'm at my brother's so I'll be able to check in for a couple of weeks. Not to slight folks here, but sorting my 'puter out and coming up with the $, ain't at the very top of the list right now, but I'll get 'round to it.

Good job on the spices, Josh. My bro an I will get down to some serious cooking here soon, when we've got a chance.

So sorry to read about Wal--he led dense ol' me through an initaition to the finer points of woodchuckery, which I have tried to pass on to others.

What munk sees in these, I can't fathom.


On a considerably less festive note, a bit of smoke for my mom and particularly my dad would be much appreciated.

Mom has dealt with breast cancer for over 16 years (longest survival of any patient her doc has treated). About three months ago, they ran out of stuff to try and anyway and years ago they ran out of stuff to cout out or off. After that long taking semi-selective poisons and getting irradiated she didn't have the strength left to have another go anyway.

Since then, she has been in home hospice with my dad getting increasing help from folks who come to the house. Still, he's pretty stubborn and independent, so folks only come to help out for one or two hours a day and he does the rest on his own. By now she's now fully bedridden with all that entails, spends most of her time asleep. When she is awake, she flits between this world and a world of her own between this world and the next, each day spending a little more time in that middle world. A few days ago, was their 50th wedding annivesary, so she held on for that.

Anyway, she's down to maybe 65 lbs, running on less than one lung, swimming in pain killers and Dad is running pretty ragged, down to maybe the last few threads but determined to see things through by himself. Just got back from a visit and it is damned depressing--but at least everyone is prepared, except my young nieces, and that can't be helped--except not to let them see her like she is now.

So a few prayers that she takes the path to the next world soon with no additional pain, either in her sleep or with Dad, whichever way he would want it.


Then have a happy Winter Solstice, Christmas, Hannukah, or whatever, since the rest of us have to keep on living.
Glad too see you made it Firkin, but really sorry for the troubles. It's truly sad what the human body can go through and still be alive albeit barely.:(
Smoke will go up for all of you my friend.
Be awed by the strength of the human spirit.
Sorry it has to happen around Christmas, though.
Find happiness and be proud of your momma.
"Anyway, she's down to maybe 65 lbs, running on less than one lung, swimming in pain killers"

This is as tough as it gets for everybody concerned. Reminds me of Dad's last days. When I looked at the 100 pounds he had drifted down to and compared present day with his old rubust self at maybe 170 it was a real heartbreaker so I can fully understand what everyone is going thru at this time. Dying is not so bad but getting there is sometimes a most difficult journey.

Special smoke going up for Mom, Dad, and all concerned.
firkin said:
What munk sees in these, I can't fathom.


When my dad was in high school in the 1950s, and they were going on a field trip on a bus, a girl sat down next to him and asked if he was interested in a hot date.
He told her no thanks, dates made his mouth itch. :rolleyes: :confused: :)

I've inherited his grasp of reality (but, fortunately, not all of his allergies). :D

Edit: Speaking of missing people, where is T1mpani? I haven't seconded anything in a while. :confused:
Firkin, I love Dates. REally. Desert people love Dates. Especially those dark rich ones sometimes very expensive. Now, I realize many of you will extend double meaning to this.... whatever makes the Christmas Merry.

So good to hear from you, Firkin. You were missed. You are really liked.