First Custom Folder

Hello all,

To Art and Phil -- what type of lock are going to use, liner or rocker bar? Or maybe something REALLY different. Think about it -- this is your chance to make a knife really different from anyone elses. There must be hundreds of ways to lock a blade open.

Any suggedtions out there? How about a liner lock that works on the back of the blade? Or something from Ron Lake, or a mini machine type from his holiness Walker?

Also, I have to ask the ugly question -- about how much is this knife going to cost? Not the exact amount, but in the ball park would be nice to know.

Thank you, all who add to this line of thought.

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The locking mechanism will be a liner lock style. This was decided in the early stages of the design phase of the project. Maybe in the future I will work on something new in the lock department. If Phil wants to tell you the cost of this piece that's his call all I will say is the price is very reasonable for this size and style of knife.

Phil I've heard of shameless plugs but you went a bit overboard didn't you, rotflmo. I'll take free ad space any day and its sure a novel way to set the topic on fire so to speak

Arthur D. Washburn
ADW Custom Knives
WOW !!!

That is a sweet folder !

Congrates to owner and maker

This way to my Knife page

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PhilL-I thought the picture you posted first was great,but the finished folder is just
Very cool knife! I arrived today as this is the last sheath I'm making for the year, PhilL had requested this from me a long time ago and how can you turn down such a fellow as he?

The knife? Sweeet, Stag is matched and shaped evenly, Stainless damascus bolster and blade are tight pattern and look lovely and sharp. Even the thumbstud is damascus!

Bolsters are dovetailed, nice touch.

Great Job Art and lucky guy Phill !


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Geez Phil, you and stag.... I swear you must have more stag in your knife collection than I do in all of my antler mounts.

I am a deer hunter of considerable skill, my freezer is always chock full of venison. But do the deer around hear fear my deadly expertise? No. They are far more afraid of PhilL. It simply strikes terror into the hearts of many bucks that PhilL may be ordering another custom knife soon.

But on to the subject matter at hand. That is one delicious knife, my friend. Paired up with a sheath of G2's creation, you have a very nice package there. I am excited for you. Merry Christmas, man.
Folks this saga is coming to an end.
Gary says he should finish up my sheath and have it sent out by tomorrow. He promised a scan before it goes out. That should be my final post on this thread.

Although I started thinking about this project a while ago, it actually came together in less than a month, amazing.
I posted this thread to encourage all of you KnifeKnuts that are in search for the perfect knife to stop chasing your dreams, find a maker and have them make that knife for you.

I want to thank all of you that have posted here.

Special thanks to Art Washburn for the special treatment and your talents. Also to Gary Graley for saving my place in line for one of his sheaths when I switched which knife he was going to make a sheath for. Gary I knew you would be making the sheath even before I knew who would be making the knife.

I have been receiving knives as Christmas gifts for a few years, none are going to match this one.

This will be a very special Chirstmas for me.
Here's wishing you all the same.

I just followed a link over here from the Custom Forum.

Congratulalions Art and Phil. Sure is a beautiful folder. That is a nice twist Damascus and the dove tailing gets to me too Gary!

Ok PhilL

Special sheath for a special knife, Phill wanted it to be worn on the left side for a cross draw, and at a cant with the stag end up and blade side forward, made for a different sheath, one I've not made the likes of but it works well and the knife snaps into place nicely.


Merry Christmas Phill !


"The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions!"
Take the time to read your Bible Now, don't be left behind...
Thanks Gary for posting the pic of the sheath it looks great, it looks like it just kind of hugs the knife. I don't have the knife yet of course, but it's as real to me as if I did. I'll add my final comments here after I receive it, but I know right now I'll be happy with it.

Merry Christmas right back at you, and to all of you that took the time to post or read this thread.
Imagine that Stag
Looks like it will turn out to be a fine little knife there Phil.

Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me.
I got my knife from Art this week. If you think the pictures are sweet, wait until you get that baby in your hands! Art does excellent work at prices that would really surprize you. For the fit, finish, and materials you get, his prices are unbeatable. Great work Art! Phil, you will love YOUR beautiful knife. That's what Art told me, the knife is MINE, he just made it. I love my knife, I know you will love yours.