First Custom Knife

Oct 5, 1998
I just took delivery last week of my first custom knife and thought I'd share my first impressions.

It is Hunter 1 in D2 steel from Kevin Wilkins at Ultima Ration Regis.

I have very impressed by Kevins service and patience dealing with me through many mailings and the odd phone call (one very dodgy phone call to my home number after which my wife started to ask questions I'd rather not answer ie about spending too much money on knives

The finish on the blade is brown coloured blueing and really shows up the texture to the steel. This colour goes well with the canvas micarta grips.

The sheath is hand made from really nice leather and is an IWB model. Kevin also made me an extra full flap model to go on a bigger belt for secure uniform carry but I think he regretted it as it took him ages and he didn't charge me very much more for it.

It made short work of a pine 1" x 4" plank but this is the only test I have managed so far on its performance. I will have to try and sneak out of the house to do some more testing in the near future (sad but true, if she ever finds out how much I realy spend on knives I'm in deep s**t)