First customs of 2007

Dec 1, 2001
Received this knife from Ariel Salaverria along with 2 sheep horn & cable bottle openers and the collaboration folder/fixed blade from Ruben Calo and Ariel.
OAL - 8 1/2"
Blade - San Mai damascus (1010/1070 with a 52100 core)
Handle slabs - Guayacan wood


Took these pixs today with the help of some sunlight...

Two of Ariel Salaverria's sheep horn handled cable bottle openers. I tried 'em out last night... just might be the fanciest bottle openers around! They work like a charm!


A little downward pressure on the handle and the bottle cap pops off without being dented. I bet that cap can be reused forever. :thumbup:


Ruben Calo's and Ariel Salaverria's collaboration knife set... sheath by Ariel.


Collaboration set... and specs:

Fixed blade... Ariel's
OAL - 10 1/2" Integral
Handle material - Ariel's homemade micarta; red spacers; 2 mosaic pins; nickel silver lanyard hole
Steel - forged 5160; mirror finished; filework

Folder... Ruben's
OAL - (opened) 7 1/2" (closed) 4 3/8"
Handle material - Ariel's homemade micarta; red spacers; texturized nickel silver bolster; nickel silver lanyard hole; double thumbstud
Steel - N678 stainless; mirror finished; filework


Not the best pix, that's for sure, but both gentlemen did some real nice filework on these knives...

That's a pretty darn impressive start to the year.

Well... we talked about the collaboration back in mid-March of 2006. Got everything worked out (materials, cost, etc.) by the end of March. Then trying to fit the 2 knives into Ariel's and Ruben's busy schedules had to be worked out. Good correspondence over the next several months and then the notification that the folder/fixed blade collaboration was ready for shipment in late December 2006. Of course between March and December of 2006 I had bought Ariel's 2 bottle openers and the san mai damascus knife as they were posted on the forums! We kept shipping costs down by waiting until the collaboration was done and everything shipped at the same time. On January 3, 2007, I arrived home from work and was greeted by my first group of knives for 2007. Should be an interesting year.