First Damascus Knife (photos)

Mar 21, 2001
This knife started about three weeks ago when I visited Bruce Evans and had a great time learning how to make he style of Damascus blades.He allowed me to make most of the blade to learn just how it was done.
Thanks Bruce.The knife has every thing form nails to ball bearings in it.OAL is 9 1/4" finished with water buffalo horn scales, brass guard,pins and liners. Full tang was welded to blade and then the guard was soldered on. I'm very happy
with the knife, hope you like it to, let me know what you


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Tim Duncan

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Tim, that's beautiful! That buffalo really sets everything off, such a pretty grain in your damascus. Good luck in the new direction of your knifemaking!

Bruce, your heart is as big as any other two hearts.

Tim, That is some knife. You really did a nice job on the handle. I've been a student of Bruce's for about 3 years now and I can't think of a more generous and capable teacher and friend. Keep up the good work.
AWESOME !!!!!!
Tim that turned out great...
Thanks guys,but this is Tim's turn at some praise,He did 95% of the welding to make the billet for this knife,so it is his baby, I just watched and coached...

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