First Impression: Buck 110 Master Series

Kodiak PA

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Dec 3, 1998
Buck has introduced 5 of their most popular knives in a new Master Series. I received the 110MS today and here are my first impressions:

First of all I love the old 110 folding hunter model. This was my first knife when I joined the service nearly 20 years ago. It seemed that everyone had a Buck 110 back then. This knife has that nice hefty “it ain’t gonna break” feel to it. The 110’s blade is BG-42, which is premium stainless steel (the same steel grade that Chris Reeve uses). The knife is very sharp out of the box. The bolsters are highly polish nickel silver, the grip is called “dymondwood”, a emerald green wooden handle that are just like pistol grips. A very secure feel to it. There is a silver medallion embedded in the scales commemorating the series. The sheath is very high quality soft black leather, much softer than any traditional Buck sheath I have had before.

The action is stiff out of the box like most Bucks and I applide some Tuf-Glide and will work the blade to break it in.

I think this knife will be an excellent utility/hunting knife as well as a great collector’s piece or gift. I have the Master Squire and the 532 Bucklock is on back order. The knife lists for $100 but I found it on the net for $62.50. You can check it out at Buck’s web site: and type in 110MS

I think Buck did a great job with this series. They made an attractive knife that is incredibly well built and functional. I would be interested in hearing any other comments about the knives in this series. Currently the Special, Vanguard, Folding Hunter, Bucklock and Squire are available though the Bucklock (532) is kind of hard to find in stock.

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Told ya you'd like it Greg! My buddy has one of the Vanguard Master Series and he loves it. I'm just thankful he finally shelled out a few bucks for a knife I don't have to resharpen for him EVERY time he dresses a deer ;-) jeff
Oh, jeez, that knife is too nice for him to actually use it, Jeff, you better tell him to use the standard series for dressing game.