First impression (not review): Benchmade Pardue Axis

I must be the luckiest guy in the world. I read about QC problems with Benchmades, but I still haven't gotten a bad one. I just picked up a Benchmade Pardue Axis. The thing is perfect. Finish is excellent, grinds are excellent, lock works smoothly and securely, edge is sharp (but, as usual, too thick!). Blade is well-centered, no play at all when locked.

The 3.25" blade is a nice shape, straight clip with plenty of belly. There's a grooved thumb ramp, and the grooved liners protrude just before the thumb ramp. Lots of room for solid thumb purchase. The aluminum handle is well-finished and very comfortable, though probably won't work well for big hands. In cutting, the handle has great ergonomics.

I haven't used the knife much yet, but it seems like a real winner. I was wanting a solid knife in the 3.25"-3.5" blade range, and this fills the bill nicely. My one wish would be that the handles be a little bit thinner, to cut down on the profile a bit (it's as thick as my 710 Axis).



Oct 26, 1998
Isn't the thickness necessary for the Axis lock? I understand the 705 is the same width.

Great knife, though.

James Segura
San Francisco, CA

You're probably right about the lock design being a constraint on the thickness of the handles. I'd still like it thinner though!

I have had mine for a week now and need some
sort of solvent to release it from my hand !
I think Benchmade has raised the bar for
quality at a price point much like the
Impulse has done at it's level . The ATS-34
seems to be not as hard as some older Bechmades I have.I have made quite a few
sharpened garden stakes out of treated pine
and have noticed no dulling . I moved the
clip for tip up carry and to get it out of the way.
Joe , don't you think this knife looks a lot
better in person ? I don't think pictures do it justice.
Just as the M2 Stryker I bought last month , the Pardue was perfect out of the box.I have never had a benchmade come any other way.

Save The Whales !
Collect the whole set.
Joe, a touch thinner would be nice (handle and blade edge) but the CQ on this piece is top notch, breaking my run of bad BM's.

James Segura
San Francisco, CA

I had the pleasure of handling 5 of these before puchasing at a local dealer and all were perfect. Benchmade is certainly being careful with the 720.
I've never been much drawn to Benchmade knives, but the ones I've looked at did not appear to have any QC problems.

I did buy a 705 Axis lock, though, about a month ago. There is nothing about this knife I do not like. The extra thickness in the handle, to me, makes it feel better in the hand. The action is super smooth, and unlike some comments here I did not find the edge too thick at all. The factory edge was very sharp -- more so than my A-F Covert, Native, and Al Mar Eagle Ltwt (all really nice, though).
Having played with it for another couple days I have some more impressions.

First, my initial impression about the quality was right. It's perfect. The handle feels great, too.

Second, this knife really did make a good fit for my needs. I wanted something with a 3.25"-3.5" blade. Most importantly, I wanted the carry to be so unobtrusive that I forget I have a knife on me -- even if I'm sitting down. Even with the handle being a little thick, it's still short enough that when clipped in the waistband near my right kidney, I *never* feel the knife or know it's there, regardless of whether I'm standing, sitting down, bending, etc. Completely unobtrusive, I love it. This is with tip-down carry (I prefer tip-up but haven't switched the clip yet).

The one thing that gets me a little is that the point seems a little higher than most knives I've carried. Allows for more belly, but still feels a little weird to me.