First Impressions of First Hasiya

Apr 6, 2001
First Impressions of First Hasiya

The first thing that I thought when I saw the HI box is how cute it looked. Upon opening I was amazed at the craftsmanship of the blade itself. It possesses a razor sharp blade, slightly dulling towards the tip that somehow reminds me of the claw on the foot of a veloceraptor. A small carnivorous dinosaur that hunted in groups and that killed prey with a single large claw on each foot. (See: Jurassic Park). About the size of a Ka-bar it could very well be employed as an extremely effective weapon. Not as large as some of the Kamas I have seen out there it is still a great choice of weapon for martial arts, very light (6oz according to Uncle) and lively. The uniqueness of this knife is what impresses me the most. If you want a truly unique blade I suggest you send your money to Uncle. I have never handled a knife like this one, the feel is amazing, and I think it may truly be ALIVE! I haven’t had this thing five minutes and it has permanently taken up residence on my worktable, it screams to be held. It is too interesting a piece to place on my wall, and I can tell that it desires the attention of belonging where I do everything.

I have not tested the blade, I will have to think of something as to be sure not to hurt my little friend…What am I saying?!? This is a Sanu!!!!

The handle seems a little bit small, and a larger teardrop or oval shape might be better for the martial arts crowd. I am not complaining though the small length and diameter of the handle emphasizes how quick and lively the blade really is.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I have the money I will definitely order another.
Bottom line is that I am in love, and this Hasiya is truly perfect.