First impressions on MOD--DIETER

Mar 7, 2000
Hello all, I am a 35 year enthusiast/ new member with limited but growing technical skills. I posted my thoughts on the new CQD DIETER on 3/7 on KFC in Knife reviews, when this forum was down. If I could import it here, I would. I also posted a reply to RADMANs post below. I would be honored if you ventured over and interested in your critique/ opinions. I apologize for any inconvenience or political incorrectness by refering to the other forum.
Geoff in Philly,
Welcome to thr forums!! Why don't ya "cut" and "paste" your review to this forum?? Or you could just put a link. Either way would work.


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Welcome to the forums!

See the icon at the top that looks like a pencil and paper? That's the edit icon, click on that and you'll be able to edit your messages.

Just click on your other post, and copy the text there, then past it into a new post (or edit your post in this thread).

BTW, glad you like the knife too, when I reviewed it in this forum, I had the same impressions as well. Do a search and you'll find my review...


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