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First Khukuri- Recommendations and Reasons

Discussion in 'Himalayan Imports' started by Karda, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. Karda

    Karda Banned BANNED

    Jun 1, 2007

    Namaste!! Hello and thank you for your interest in Himalayan Imports (H.I.) Khukuris!!

    "Always Imitated but Never Duplicated"


    Welcome Friends !!!

    For over 20 years we have manufactured and sold, to both USA and World markets, the finest khukuris coming out of Nepal. As the owners of Himalayan Imports (Shop Link) Located in Surya Benai Nepal, Kami Sherpa, a Gorkha Veteran, and His Daughter Yangdu Martino, Wife of the Late Uncle Bill Martino, welcome you to BladeForums and the Himalayan Imports Sub-Forum!

    Himalayan Imports is a small Family owned company, started with three missions in mind. Its First mission was, and remains to be, to bring the highest quality handmade khukuri from Nepal to the world. Its Second mission is to provide much needed employment opportunity, better working conditions, pay and healthcare to some of Nepals poorest people, the Untouchable Kami's, The Sarki's and other various craftsmen and their families. Himalayan Imports and Its Faithful Forumites are proud to have played a part in Nepal gaining a much needed doctor, a Kami's son named Dr. Rameshwor Sunar M.D. whom was sent to medical school thru Raffles and Donations by H.I. and it's very generous forumites and customers. Uncles Bills Legacy, His Ideals and Spirit still live on, and the mission to follow the Dharma Path remains unchanged.

    Khukuris, like people, come in many different shapes and sizes, please remember that the selection of a khukuri is greatly dependent on the task for which it will be used, and specific needs of the user. For instance, while some people prefer a Chiruwa handle (full tang, slab handles, indicated by rivets thru the handle) for its strength, others prefer hidden tang handles (rat tail tang, solid handles without rivets) for added shock absorption. While choice of handle material is subjective , buffalo horn and satisaal wood handles are the standard materials used, H.I. offers other options such as different types of wood, horn and more exotic materials like antler and bone. In general, there is a slight preference for wood handles for khukuris that are intended to be workers or used for rough tasks. Weight and spine thickness of the blade are also user and task dependent. For example, khukuri owners generally employ heavier or thick-spined khukuris for heavy duty chopping work, but use thinner, lighter ones for backpacking, hiking and light chopping work that require agility more than momentum. In general, H.I. khukuris with an overall length below 15” compromise chopping efficiency in exchange for portability and utility in smaller tasks including, but not limited to food preparation and EDC, however, even models below 15” chop amazingly well for their size!

    The list below is a brief introduction to our more popular models and is intended as a basic guide for potential customers. For a complete listing of all we have to offer along with information on Gorkha and Khukuri history plus many other subjects, please visit the Website and Retail site. You may find that other models might better fit your needs, and we encourage you to email Yangdu with inquiries or talk with the knowledgeable khukuri users here in this sub-forum. Being courteous will aid in getting you not only a khukuri (or many!) that will last you a lifetime, but perhaps a few friends in the H.I. family as well!


    Kagas Katne -Kagas Katne means "paper cutter" in Nepali, and the term is accurate. It's a 6” khukuri style letter opener but forged, hardened, and built just like all the H.I. khukuris, a great gift for christmas or any time of the year.

    Bilton/Biltong- Named for the South African type of dried meat this Khukuri was imported there to cut. This is the smallest full fledged khukuri we make. Does numerous small tasks quite well. It is also forged, hardened and built like all other H.I. khukuris. about 9 inches and around 4 ounces.

    JKM-1 - This knife was conceived and designed by the Late James K. Mattis, one of the most respected members of the knife community, and is named in his honor. It is a Nepali version of the Finnish puukko. it is About 6 inches in length and 6 ounces in weight.

    Kumar Karda - The Kumar Karda, Named for the Kami who designed this fine piece is just that, A large karda, also done puukko style. It is well suited for Hunting as well as food prep and is a forum favorite at 10 inches and 4 ounces in weight.


    Ang Khola (AK)- Our #1 best-seller, The H.I. Ang Khola is a beast of a chopper. “Ang Khola” means “back-valley” or "back-hollow", referring to the forged depression on the posterior blade spine that provides for forward weight distribution and fearsome chopping ability. This knife is considered by many experts to be the toughest knife in the world, it has chopped up steel drums and junk cars with no damage to the knife. In lateral strength tests that destroyed other knives, the Ang Khola would not budge. The H.I. Ang Khola has been recommended in articles in every major knife magazine in the US. While the larger versions (up to 20”) are used primarily in heavy chopping tasks, the 15” model strikes a good balance between portability and chopping prowess. Chiruwa style Ang Khola’s are also available for those interested. The Chiruwa Ang Kholas are the only khukuri warranted for use as a prybar.

    British Army Service (BAS)-Our #2 best-seller, A jack-of-all-trades in a packable length, this khukuri is very easy to throw on a belt or lash to a pack. It chops well, splits well and will do most camp chores with relative ease. Although lighter than khukuri of the same size, it doesn’t sacrifice much in chopping power for weight manageablity during extended trekking. This is the same size and style khukuri (but considerably better quality) that is carried by present day Gurkhas serving in the British Army. Battle tested and proven.

    World War II (WWII) -Our #3 best-seller, Uncle Bill favored the WWII model as an all-round khukuri and rightly so. The workhorse of the Gurkhas during WWII, this model saw service in both Europe and Pacific theaters. This is probably the best combination of weapon and tool in a khukuri that can be had and is favored by many Bando practitioners. The WWII will chop, split wood, balance, and maneuver well. Its relatively longer handle also facilitates different grips. This model hits above its weight class, is faster, and is less tiring than other heavier models.The WWII is also easily packable for trekking and camping.

    Sirupati/Sirupate (Siru)- The traditional khukuri of the Rai and Limbu people of Eastern Nepal, being a thinner bladed style, is quick and agile and therefore a favorite of martial artists. While excellently balanced and light, it is still strong enough to do a heavy day's work. Scrollwork and brass inlay along back of the blade add to the beauty of this already magnificent blade. This is a model for those who desire quickness,agility and toughness.

    Chitlangi (Chit)- This model is named for its place of origin ,a historical village called Chitlange, in the western part of Makwanpur district of Nepal, by the Chandragiri Mountain range. Amongst other features, this khukuri is characterized by beautiful double fullers and a bell shaped handle. Also distinctive is the closed cho, called a pariwa ki aka ('meaning 'eye of the dove'), as opposed to the "standard" open cho. It is reknowned for both its beauty and comfort in hand. Many users feel the Chitlangi is the perfect blend of chopping power and agility, falling somewhere between the Ang Khola and Sirupati.

    The Ang Khola and Sirupate Models are also made in a smaller utility size, below 15 inches and are the perfect size traditional khukuri for utility use.


    Pen Knife (PK)- This model is named for, and designed by, fellow forum member and Knifemaker Dan Koster. it ranges from 12-15” in length and sports a deeply bellied blade, relaxed bend angle, and deep recurve. It is great for light chopping and brush clearing and other medium duty tasks. It is also a great camping/backpacking knife. It out-chops other khukris of similar size and weight due to its forward weight and deep belly.

    M-43 -Based on the WWII khukuri, the M-43 was designed as an update of the Mk II (which was basically a WWI design). The new knife has a stronger grip attachment system, a wider pommel, and better bolster design at the blade. The balance is slightly more forward and the blade is arguably considered to be stronger. A long and lean chopping machine, it will take any medium to large task you can throw at it. In addition to being a forum favorite, one member even praises this model for having saved his life.

    Ganga Ram Special (GRS)- This model was inspired by an 80 year old village kami named Ganga Ram Bishwakarma. It is a heavy duty chopper similar to the Ang Khola but gently curved in shape, suitable for any task you can throw at it. 18” and 22” sizes provide serious blades for serious work. Comes recommended by many notable forum members.

    AK Bowie - This knife is the Himalayan Imports BirGorkha factory version of the old American favorite. It is also another forum favorite and is 15 inches overall, 2.5 wide, and 7/16 thick. The knife will come in at about 1.75 pounds depending on the kami who makes it. A great chopper in it's own right, in it's own distinct style.

    Foxy Folly - Designed by forum member Foxjaw, this model is an all out heavy duty chopper. All the power of the Ganga Ram model, with form and feel of the M-43. Suitable for heavy foresting or any serious task. Graceful lines and Beautifully done Chirra compliment the great looks and design of this khukuri. Another Highly praised and recommended model.

    Other H.I. models you see offered here in the DOTDs or on the H.I. shop page such as the Bonecutter, Yvsa Cherokee Special, Seax, Uncle Bill Especiale, Movie Model, Salyan Special, Foxy Folly, AK Bowie, Bolo, Swords, Katanas, Hasiyas, and Kerambits among many others were all at one time or another "specialty" models or new offerings and can be viewed at our online retail site and store or in the links in the H.I. Link Library at the top of the forum. Because our Forumites and Customers love them as much as the basic models and the Kami’s love crafting them, they have steadily increased in popularity. Any of these models will perform well in any task you throw at it, you just have to choose the one you want!

    DOTD's often offer discounted items or “blems” that have some slight but easily remedied defect. Blems are entirely serviceable khukuris, they just haven’t passed strict inspection for Retail sale by Kami Sherpa or Yangdu but they are well worth the extra bit of elbow grease on your part!

    Prices and warranties are at the discretion of the H.I. owners. All sales proceeds help keep H.I. up and running, the Kamis working and aid the good people of Nepal.

    Please be aware that all sizes are "OAL"(over all length) and be Sure to take into account for blade size vs. handle.

    Most Traditional style khukuri we make come in pre-defined sizes, but may vary, depending on the Kami who made them,
    However "Specialty models" often are made to variable sizes depending upon who made them and how they were crafted at the time of manufacture. Pay close attention to size and weight on all models.

    Himalayan Imports Makes Their Khukuri with larger handles than the usual Khukuri found on the market, sized more for American/western sized hands.

    We hope this simple guide has been helpful to you in making your first and future purchases and will assist you in any way possible as needed when time permits, feel free to make yourself at home here, make friends and enjoy yourself as we like to keep this forum as friendly as possible.

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