First knife cam in today!!! yahoo!!!!

Oct 17, 2004
okay...disclaimer: this thread will sounds like a 5 year old on christmas day.

i bought a Tak-1 about a month ago and thought it was lost in the mail..but it finally came in today!!! =D
i've had several knives over the last few years but this one is the first "production/colab" knife and its pretty sweeeeeeeet :D
(i know its not even close to a custom..but its a start)
i have a bad feeling this thurst for steel's going to get a lot worse..hehhee

taking it out of the box its shaving sharp. and pretty good weight..i love the micarta handle...the only thing i really don't like is the sheath..but i already have some kydex ready. so thats the next project on the list.
okay raving is over... we all can get back to work now >.<
Congratulations Nathanael :D

The Tak-1 seems like a nice knife at a great price, I like the thong hole cutout and the handle looks very comfy. The blade shape is also very clean and smooth. Nice catch :cool: I also hear some great things about D2- just look at what Swamp Rat accomplished in terms of toughness even at ~62 RC. It may be described as a very tactical knife, but I think that style of medium fixed blade is a great comprimise between traditional and contemporary knives. Keep us posted about your Kydex project :)
thong hole cutout is really cool, imma go get some paracord and make myself a lanyard
handle is VERY smooth and comfy...but the linen slabs have enuf grippyness for me..i tested it under the sink full blast and didn't notice any decrease in retention.
and the bladeshpe is pretty traditional...(its the black coating that makes it look bad@ss)
=D loving this knife so far.
and i'll have pics to document everything in the sheath process once i get my camera back from my dad..(he's in mexico for another week..lucky bum)
I have the TAK-1 in fact I named it baby TAK because I have RTAK as well. Out of the two though I find myself useing the baby TAK more and enjoy useing it. Very handy knife. :D