first knife shaped object

Jul 18, 2010

Plenty wrong with it, but I learned a lot and had fun. On to the next. :eek:
Nice looking knife you have there. However its no fun looking at a pic with no stats. So let's hear it. Steel overall length blade length handle material etc.
7 1/2" overall, blade is almost 3 1/2". Handle is carved and sanded oak. I was speaking literally when I said knife shaped object. This is made from junk steel. I wanted to make sure I finished one before I started ordering material. That was probably a bad idea, as this would have made a good utility knife for around the house. Its not too pretty, but shaving sharp and feels great in the hand.

The next will be made from real steel, and in a similar, though hopefully more refined, basic design.

personal critique

1. fit of wood to metal in this area needs a lot of work
2. notch cut out with a square file is not attractive
3. finger groove, while comfortable, was executed poorly
4. I wanted a slim grip, but went too far in this area, almost through to the metal

Im sure there are 1000 other things wrong with it, but one step at a time.
So you know when doing the handle. The natural shape of the hand when holding something prefers narrow towards the thumb and pointer finger and widening as it goes towards the pinky.

Another great tip for designing a handle is to go to the toy store and buy some Play-Dough and use that to "mold" the handle on your blank after you are getting ready to put a handle on it.

When designing a knife, first cut it out of cardboard and spend a bit of time "using" it. It's purpose is twofold: One it allows you to decide if you really like the shape and feel of it before committing to the project. Two it's a heck of a lot cheaper to throw away if you don't like it than it is steel.