First knife

Mar 3, 2000
It's not the most beutiful knife, but it's the first one (except some experiences wich won't really qualify as knives). It is made from a piece of stainless that I found when visiting my parents two weeks ago. It is from the '70s (it was sleeping in a drawer for a long time since my father made a set of steak knives, got bored to finish al 12 of them and left some stock unused) so I have no ideea what type of stainless it is. I used it to make a kitchen (or steak) knife. It would have been quite easy to work if my flat file wasn't so old and used. My father had already made the holes in the handle (so it's a colaboration!!). The heattreating was empiric, I mean I got the knife red hot and plounge it in a mix of petrol and water. It holds a decent edge though. I found a piece of green plastic stuff (smells like phenol when worked with the file) and made those superb handles
. With a small triangular file I made some "fingergrips" on the back (you can see the detail). Some aluminium electric wire become the "rivets". I finished the blade and handle with 220 sandpaper. I should have finished the blade before putting the handle on, next time I'll know. Now it does all the work in my kitchen and plate. Thank you for the interest!

Not bad at all! Is it sharp? THAT'S the first job a knifemaker must accomplish. The cosmetics of finish will come with experience and effort, but if it wont cut.....Nice straight graining on the blade by the way, shape looks perfectly functional. Nice photo to too.
Thank you for the positive comments! And yes, it's sharp. It cut's through food "like an A"
Very good first knife!

I must agree that it's pretty damn impressive to see all your sanding strokes running straight and uniform...usually first knives look like they were sanded with an orbital sander!

Good functional knife...keep it up and keep sharing