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First kydex sheath

Discussion in 'Sheaths & Such' started by GDCruz, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. GDCruz

    GDCruz Gold Member Gold Member

    May 17, 2012
    Had someone ask me to make a kydex sheath even though i have only done leather ones. So i tried my hand and this is what i came up with i don't think its to bad for a first try.
  2. AngryDaddyBird


    May 18, 2012
    Looks great!
    Simple and effective!
    Nice blade too!
  3. GDCruz

    GDCruz Gold Member Gold Member

    May 17, 2012
    thanks! And i know i did three sheaths for this person and they were all busse blades but this one was my favorite one I'm going to have to get one eventually!
  4. Colinz


    Feb 16, 2001
    Nice sheath!

    Just three fast thougths:

    The first thought is regarding safety. I noticed that the point is quite close (a bit hard to see in the pic) to the edge of kydex when its sheathed. That combined with the wide placement of the rivets could pose a problem with the point peeking out if a lot of force is applied? The pic isn´t 100% so please don´t take this as some kind of trashing - it still is a very nice sheath and the above comment may not be valid at all - you would have to feel the flex with the knife inserted and I have only a pic for reference. Still just a thought for your next sheath - maybe the rivets need to be a little closer near the point and maybe a bit more kydex reaching beyond the point.

    The second thought is about the quality of the sheath. Any of the ones I have made (and I have made a couple really bad ones) looks really nice when they lay flat, like the one in your picture. Show the edges instead. Is the sheath straigth? Are the kydex sheets flush? What is the finish on the kydex edges, did you do a quick 300 grit or did you finish it with a 1000 grit?

    The third thought is regarding the design. Why did you go for a pancake instead of a fold-over type? Why did you place the rivets in an angle - was it on purpose (to get a nice tilt on the belt) or was it a mistake? I am not sure if the placement of the rivets would work with a standard Bladetech belt keeper - unless it was a thought getting the customer to order custom belt clips from you. Again a pic from the side would show how well executed the lips of your sheath are. Did you make them protrude that much because you designed it that way or because you were afraid to remove more material and then the knife wouldn´t sit properly in the sheath?

    Kydex is so much fun to work with. Please don´t take my thoughts above as some kind of trashing but rather as a fast description how I think about my own sheaths and the slow process from need (I don´t sell any in leather or kydex - I only make them for myself) to finished product.

    Have a great weekend, I am heading out to the garage to make a nice custom IWB kydex clip for my Perrin PPF.


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