First Laconico/Wohlwend Collaboration Camp Knife

Jan 30, 2004
I just finished this one up yesterday! It is our first collaboration camp knife. Mark forged this out of an old leaf spring. I did the grind, heat treat, and finish. Mark will do the sheath. He will also be doing the heat treat on future projects. I just did this one because I had the knife with me and was already treating other blades at the time. The blade length is 6", overall is 11", and thickness is just over 3/16" at the ricasso. The handle is osage with red liners.. This is my first time grinding a forged blade. It's a bit different from grinding steel that is flat and perfectly even all around. It is so much more fun because you really have to use your imagination and creativity.. We will definately be doing more of these collaborations. Next we will pick one from your designs. I hope you guys like it. I'm going to go cut some stuff with it now! Comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking:)



Wow!! That is badass!!!

I love it. Ray and Mark-- GREAT JOB!

I love the osage/red, and the scale left on. Cool!
Love the slight belly of the edge.Looks as if it may cut some stuff!!.Beautiful work
Very nice. I'll never be sold on the retro flavor and the wood but I really like the design. As much as I personally prefer drop points it's lovely to see something different. Strangely enough when I was toying with the idea of drawing one up for you two the other day I thought of moving away from the drop point more toward something like that, or maybe even a trailing point. But that seemed incongruous to your regular style. Glad you went for it though, it certainly suits the rustic tones.

How do you feel about semi-skinners?
That came out great, wish you'd got your heads together sooner and entered that into the camp knife challenge we had !!!!
oooohhh.. now that thing is nice...:eek: great job guys...:thumbup: love the osage scales too...
Mark just went at it forging the basic shape of the blade. I finalized it on the grinder. There wasn't much planning that went into the design. We just kind of let it design itself as we went along. That's what makes it fun and it turned out to be one of my favorite blades I ever made!

There's no way I was going to remove all the forge marks on it. I actually left as much of it on there as I possibly could. I love the look of forged blades when you can see them. I've been doing perfectly finished blades for too long.. This way is much more artistic.. There's a lot of character on a blade that is not perfectly even all around. Sure my grinds are even but the steel is not, and that's the beauty of it IMHO.:)
That osage looks PHENOMENAL with the red liners! Nice work Mark and Ray. The handle is kind of kephartish and looks very versatile.
Something very "mountain man's knife" about it!

That's the description I was trying to come up with earlier but it escaped me. Looks like a very versatile and useful design, with a rustic look to it.
Friggin’ Savage “Roach Belly” Camp Knife. :cool:

Great work!!! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

PS - Happy Thanksgiving my friends.

Big Mike

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Beautiful! Are you making a run or is it a one of a kind.

Thanks guys. We will be making more knives together but I think they will all be unique. Some may be similar but none identical. That's the fun of it. Freedom to create is what it's all about. There are so many ways to make a knife, I don't see the need to make any of them identical.. :thumbup:
Beautiful! Are you making a run or is it a one of a kind.

We haven't set any hard rules yet. We are two makers who are just having fun. One of the re-occuring conversations I have had with other knife makers is the burn out of producing the same knife over and over. Ray and I are doing these co-lab knives as a way to enjoy what we do. Currently these are "one-off" type knives. I can't give anyone answers as to how long we will do this or how many we will make. I hope this doesn't upset people, but we are just trying to be creative and it is hard to do that when you are restricted by alot of rules or pre-made decisions. We wanted to include W&SS because most are designs that are influnced by this forum.
Looks great. Personally, osage aint my favorite but the blade is amazing on it:) GREAT WORK :thumbup::thumbup: