First Post... and a real field test of 18" AK

Oct 4, 2000
Recently received an HI 18" AK. Nice.

Here in Wyoming the high today was 14 above with 15-20 mph winds. Windchill is around -15. So I went antelope hunting!! Was successful, brought it home to hang for the skinning. With the skin around his chin, it took two whacks to sever the neck.

There was a small dent in the blade which I have mostly worked out with the chakma.

Just thought you might be interested.

Rev. George
Welcome George,glade you like your AK.Looking forward to more of your posts.Around -15;it doesn't get that cold in my frig.

Osiyo George!!!
Good to have you in the Cantina!!!

Were you still bundled up from the cold when you took the head off?
Lots of clothes can slow down a swing considerably.
Terry has a story where a friend took off a whitetail's head all except a bit of hide with a backswing having missed going forward.
I wouldn't even stick my nose out these days with those temps, let alone go hunting!!


"I would rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy."

........unknown, to me anyway........

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Well, when it gets really cold, I usually go skiing. I've skiied across Yellowstone National Park: 7 days, 120 miles, lost 7 pounds, temp range = -28 to +10. Yes, we camp out.

But when it gets bitterly cold (-40 with 40 mph wind) one just tries to keep moving.

Khukuris don't help keep you warm much. Steel, even beautiful steel isn't very warm!

Best Regards,
Rev. George
Namaste and welcome, GP. Scoot your chair up closer to the woodstove. (Sound of teeth chattering.)

Reminds me of folksinger Pete Seeger telling the story of askin' a fiddler how he came to take up playing the fiddle. The guy told Pete that when he was little he noticed the fiddler always got the seat next to the stove, so...

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