First Real Knife....

Jun 6, 2000
This is only my 7th. post, and first Quality knife.
I went up to Bob's Gun Shop in Jefferson City today, to get my Spanish FR-8 out of hock (this rifle is sooo cool!!), and decided to look at his knives.
Now, I've never been much of a knife person, but thought it would be nice to own at least one really nice one for duty and everyday use. I wanted ambidextrous thumb button and clip. I told Rich that I didn't want to get crazy with the price, but wanted good quality.
He started by showing me a S&W for $14.95, and went up from there. Spyderco, Boker, Buck, Cold Steel, etc. None of these quite "tripped my trigger".
Then he went to a separate case that held Benchmade Knives. He told me that these were not what he considered "budget knives", but the craftsmanship is excellent. He pulled out a McHenry & Williams 705S "Axis Lock" for me to inspect. OHHHH BABY!! It is one beautiful knife. The balance and weight was perfect, and it had all the features that I ask for. Polished 2.9in. drop point blade and Epoxy and Fiberglas scales. Needless to say I got a real nice knife.
I think you made a good choice! Nice knife, nice lock, good company. By the way, welcome to the forums!
Welcome, Frenchy! Excellent choice for a first quality knife! Let us know what you think after you use it a while. Your enthusiasm makes me wonder if we'll be seeing you in the Custom Forum before too long!:D
Hi Frenchy
congratulations, you made a wise buy with the BM -
but IMO you had less luck with the FR8,
Years ago i shot one and it was a terrible kicker,
not able to hit a eating cow at 100Yards.
But maybe just a quality problem with this one,
never tried one again.

good luck with both :) ;)
Great choice Frenchy. Now the hard part is to figure out which knife to get next, and next, and next, and next...........
The 705 is one of the best out there. I have its big brother, the 710, and I consider it the best there is in its size.
Congrats Frenchy, and welocme to the forums!!

My first carry knife was a 440 (probably not 440-C) knife that was made to look like it was damascus! I put it in my pocket 3 or 4 years ago when I went to work in a small town 90 miles away. I picked up my first knife mag, and was hooked. I liked that knife and it took a great edge (actually, I am carrying it today!) My next birthday saw me getting an AFCK. A BIG step up from what I was carrying. Spending hundreds on a knife now doesn't seem crazy anymore! I haven't spent hundreds yet, but in the future I sure will.

Enjoy your great knife. I'm sure it will serve you well as long as you put it into action. Thanks for your story. It reminded me of my knife beginnings.
Frenchy: Congratulations on your purchase. A very wise choice and welcome to the forum!!!!!!!!!!
Excellent pick of knife Frenchy. Just got myself one last week.
I expect to see years of service from this sturdy little blade.
Frenchy, welcome to the forum and congrats on a very wise selection. I know you'll enjoy it. Leemah1 (Gord) finally succumbed to the 705 lure and got one. For more info on the 705 you might check the Benchmade Forum. Good luck!
I am not too far from you here in Springfield. That Benchmade is a great buy. See ya around.
Good luck with the 705, and Welcome to the Forums! It's a good choice. I'm sure you will enjoy it. :)
I very much appreciate the warm welcome. It's one of the nicest that I've received from any forum.
I'm quite sure that this knife won't be my last, although they will have to vie with my gun buying habit. :)
I'm sure I'll have questions, but a check of the archives should answer many of them.
bteel...I'll be down in your "neck of the woods" next month, for the FFF forum's "End of Summer Meet II"
Thanks again fella's.
If you get a chance run up to Columbia to Jack Knife Bob's. He seems to be a pretty good guy and offers a discount to LEO. I came through Jeff last week on my way home from Kansas City. Good luck, and good choice on the axis lock.
I'll try to think of some knife content here shortly. But, since we have some Central Show Me types, couldn't resist asking what changes the last 30-40 years have produced. Lived almost 2 years in the tiny burg Houstonia, about 20 miles from Sedalia. Great hunting and fishing country. Every farm had at least one pond with bullheads, usually one or 2 enormous carp. Oh -- here's the knife content. Off and on, one would hook a giant shapper, and have to cut it's head off, or at least pierce it's brain with a knife. Then, after an hour or so, it would die, and you could try to get your hook back. Loved being a kid in Missouri.

Is it still pretty laid back and rural/agricultural? Sorry, haven't been back since 1962. Well, I could have. After I extended my stay in Vietnam, the orders I expected would send me to Camp Lejeune, instead would have sent me to a 1-man recruiting station in a small town in Central Missouri. One of the most regretted decisions in my life. (Of course all my buddies went into high hysterics at the thought of me being a recruiter for the Corps. I wasn't a real good Marine in some ways.)

Enough days of yore. I just think about that part of the world every once in awhile, and wonder.
Welcome to Bladeforums! You made a great choice getting the BM. I too have a 710, and I love it. Although I mostly carry Spyderco's, the BM ranks high in my book.
GC, thanks for the heads-up on Jack Knife Bobs. I'm only 60 miles South, so I'll check it out.
Bugs3x, nothing much has changed in all those years. Left Missouri in "66" (Vietnam too), and returned in "85". I live 7 mi. north of Lake of the Ozarks (St.Louis transplant), and that's where you will see a lot of change.

Good choice! All of the benchmades are excellent knives, plus they make Balisongs too!!

Hope you love it and never lose it. :p

Best wishes,