First Santuko.

Oct 9, 2002
I hope I got my terminology right. I made this for a customer... Not much chop compared to the beauties I've seen from Luc Burnley and Ray Rogers but this is a start...

Specs. 6.5inches ATS34, subtle convex grind (nearly flat), scotchbrite finish, convex edge. Tapered tang. Black G10 handles, red and white spacers. Loveless bolts. I left the handles 1/2 polished and /12 satin for an interesting effect.

The picture is weird. It makes the blade look very "dirty." It doesn't look like that in person... :confused:

PLease let me know what you think. Thanks. Jason.

Looks nice! For years I've used a Spyderco Santoku in the kithcn exclusively. It's a very useful pattern. What thickness is yours? In a day or two I should be receiving a professional kitchen knife by Stacey Apelt. I can't wait, and you can bet that pics will be forthcoming! Great knife, again!