First Talonite knife completed!

Oct 3, 1998
C H E C K T H I S O U T !!!!!

The stretched tactical Cetan by Rob Simonich is now completed and has been dubbed the WAMBLI (Lakota for eagle).

The whole story of the project and some neat jpegs (thanks to DC) are available on:


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I've enjoyed working with Rob on this project. I'd encouraged him to test it out to his satisfaction too and he just e-mailed me that he has beat me to skinning! The Wambli was used to field dress 2 fat does in Montana this morning including cutting up the briskets. Keep in mind that this blade was used to chop up a lot of wood and cardboard before the does without any resharpening in between. And to quote Rob "and the dang knife is still sharp!"

No question that Talonite, as a variant of stellite, has a role to play in the cutlery world. It grinds easier than stellite and may prove out the manufacturer's claims of a 35% improvement in wear characteristics such as edge holding in the long run! It ought to for $141/lb!!!!


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Thanks Bob Rob and DC. I like it when envelopes are pushed.