Fish Knife Photos


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Jun 29, 2005
Well, I'm never disappointed when I pick up something different from the normal HI offerings. I really like this Fish knife and the Antler bark.

Yuvraj seems to have some new markings (see below)

Fish Knife with Pockets sm.jpg

Fish Knife Bolster sm.jpg

Fish Knife Handle sm.jpg

Fish Knife from Top sm.jpg

Fish Knife from Bottom sm.jpg

Fish Knife in Hand sm.jpg

Yuvraj seems to be using a different mark and the Roman letters for his initials now.

Compare this Tig to the Fish Knife.


Fish Knife
Fish Knife Marks sm.jpg
Thanks for the look. It's a nice knife; seems a little bigger than in the DotD photo. :thumbup:

The steel on the HI knives made in Nepal is just so beautiful to me. I wonder if it's because they are made from steel leaf springs. I'm not sure if I'll ever use my 15" Sirupati (my first and only khukri to date) because it's got that beautiful "brand new" look.
WOW!!! that thing is beautiful... i am green with envy :grumpy:
congrats on the snag :D and i agree with ad astra on this one as it does seem bigger than pictured on dotd :eek:
would that little brass washer still qualify as a bolster? whatever it is it's perfect for the rest of the knife and i love it.
I think Danny got the first one of these didn't he? Really cool shape to this model.

Seeing some realy cool stuff posted today. I love the handle. I love the blade shape. Very cool.
Sashimi, anyone?:thumbup: