Fisher & Paykel

Aug 27, 2002
Anyone have experience with Fisher & Paykel washing machines, which are imported from New Zealand? How would you rate them.
Best I have ever used or owned. By far. As it should be, at 200 or 300 over any washer we ever owned before (jumbo kenmore for 5 kids). However, we have only had it 6 months or so. Of course with 5 kids and 2 in diapers we have already put it thru a lot...

I was sold on it only having 60 parts (including direct drive dc motor), not 200 or 300. Also the low energy usage claims. I was really looking forward to clothes being virtually spun dry before the dryer got them. (It did not quite live up to my hopes there, but comes fairly close). My wife was sold on the capacity (king size comforter or any sleeping bag we have), number of cycle variations, the fact you can pop the lid off and back to wash it off, and the whole electonics package is replaceable as a $60 thing when/if the buttons eventually wear out..

Our main complaint with it so far is that even though it has a self rebalancing act it goes thru when the spin does get off balance (refills with water, agitates, and drains to try it again) it can not resolve the problem when the 15yo stuffs about 20 pairs of various sizes of jeans in it and they get all tangled up....

One actual irritation is that the threads for the water inlets are not American standard. Can not use off-the-shelf steel braid reinforced hoses, have to use the hybrid hoses that come with the machine or adapters. Had a hose bust once and really liked the security of the reinforced hoses.

I have heard rumors of 2 actual problems, that the spin will not balance for some units unless you lean the machine a certain way, and that there is a water filter that can clog up that is not user serviceable. NO actual problems experienced here so far.
Looked at them when we were furnishing our house a couple years ago (and the cool F&P dishwashers).

We ended up with Maytag Neptunes after talking with a lot of folks and service people as well.

My wife is a clothes-cleaning freak and is almost giddy about her Neptunes. She wouldn't trade 'em for anything...Maytag's an excellent company, and the Neptunes are their flagship washer/dryer, and for good reason.

YMMV, but we sure like 'em.