Fixe blade for EDC (every day carry)

Jul 2, 2000
I have been carrying a Cold Steel Mini Tanto every day now for a week, and am very pleased. For some reason carrying a fixed blade wasn't as troublesome as I thought it would be. I just clip the sheath to my pants and forget about it. I would like a nice concealex sheath for this knife though. In Maryland fixed blades are not supposed to be concealed, but you can't always advertise you have a knife on you. Who else carries a fixed blade for EDC? What are your local laws? Lets hear it.
I carry a fixed blade on weekends. I CA there is not length restriction, but you cannot carry concealed.

I usually carry a 4-5 inch knife on my belt. I have not had a problem of any kind so far.
I carry a Livesay Woo all day, every day. It is a great knife, especially for the price.
See the whole line of Livesay knives at the wicked Knife Co. website:
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I rotate a Spyderco Moran, BM Nimravus Cub (with belt clip on sheath), Cuda CQBII, and Dozier Arkansas Toothpick.These are all of modest size for carrying comfort. Here there is no problem or restrictions on unconcealed carry. Concealed is usually limited to 3" blade or less.

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i personally carry a MOD Razorback in the winter when i can conceal it - in texas ya can carry up to 5 1/2" single edge no daggers or dirks - pretty liberal - personally like to carry it concealed, which is legal here, because i also have a concealed carry permit, and besides the knive (or knives) am packing a Glock 33 .357SIG and a spare 15 round mag for a glock 32 in my pocket, so dont wanna draw attention to my self - in winter carry pistol, OC spray,spare mag- MOD Razorback, and a Spyderco Matriarch, in the summer carry pistol, OC, spare mag, BM AFCK large, and the Matriarch - throw in a pager, cell phone, laserlite and it gets heavy LOL - sometimes throw the pistol, mag, and OC into a day planner w/a place for a pistol, more convenient but less accesability - also in the winter, when really cold, rare in texas, carry all the above plus a SIG P220 in .45ACP just for fun - but rarely - my wife carries a Galco purse w/a SIG P225 9MM and 1 spare clip in the bag, a MOD Razorback in a custom sheath sewn to the liner of the purse by the gun, OC in her pocket and a CRKT M16-00 little cute knife in her pocket - we really dont need all this now but we used to live in a BAD 'hood and better to have and not need than to need and not have LOL - oh well just my .05 worth
Not counting neck knives, my daily FB carry is usually either a Dozier Arkansas Toothpick or a Dozier Model 6. NYC law restricts carry to <4" but makes no distinction between folders & FBs. Interestingly, they MUST be carried concealed. I guess they don't want the sheeple alarmed.

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My EDC for years has been a fixed blade of some sort or the other.
I used to carry a 3" blade file knife with a nice micarta handle my cuz bought for me.
One day at work one of the ladies in the office asked if _That_ was a _Lethal Weapon_. I told her it was actually shorter than the stockman I had in my pocket and I showed her.
Then I told her that neither of them weren't nearly as lethal as the very large 12" screwdriver I had in my hand at the time.
There were never anymore questions asked at work.

I now carry a Spydy Moran as my EDC but that will trade off with my Marble's Woodcraft when I get the new sheath finished for it.
I used to carry it all the time until the sheath became unsafe.
And now that I have my new Camillus 154CM Talon I may alternate with it as well.

All of my fixed blades `peek' out from under my shirt and I don't try to hide them.
But then I am an old man that walks with either a walking stick or cane
and so I look rather harmless.
I have walked past many LEOs and have never been questioned.
If that day ever comes I will tell them that I am a knife collector and enjoy carrying and using a good knife and being disabled a fixed blade is more handy for me in case of an emergency which is all the truth.


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I've been carrying a puukko in my front pants pocket with the pommel sticking out for years now and I've never been hassled even here in Massachusetts. Folding knives are too inconvenient ... you have to keep opening and closing them....

About a year ago I put my keyring on an Outdoor Edge Wedge and clipped it to my belt handle down, and nobody has ever hassled me about that, either, or about carrying two visible knives.

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Spyderco Moran, Emerson La Griffe, or Busse Basic #3. Often the La Griffe and #3 together.
My every day carry has been a Raker Lil Blue II, very comfortable and stays very sharp. And a DDR Arc Lite, in 420V, also very comfortable and great blade shape. Just Got a Carson F4 and have carried it ever since it came, what a great knife. Rids in the pocket very nicly. Have others but these 3 are about the best you will ever find for a edc fixed blade that is useful and comfortable.
I like to carry the occasional neck knife, I received a Simonich Nighthawk last week that I just love. But it started to rain today, and my jacket made me a criminal until I pulled the knife out from beneath it. Another reason to use Talonite!

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I have a Running Dog Traditional Tanto that I often carry.What works great for me is horizontal carry.I carry it to the left of my belt buckle,blends in nice can draw with either hand and can sit, lay, drive,whatever and not even know its there.Yet I can draw it at any time with either hand while in these positions.

Of course there is also my ever present La Griffe around my neck
I have carried a Hartsfield Kozuka hanging around my neck for a couple years or a Murray Carter neck knife for a few months and both a not very noticeable. No reason for someone to notice if you don't draw attention to it or do something stupid or illegal!
The Chris Reeve's four inch One Piece knives are nice, as is the CUDA Talon (talonite or 154CM).

Folders are to keep the sheeple calm. Real knives have fixed blades and full tangs, regardless of size.
In the Sub $100 range, I've got a few choices.

I know this is going to sound biased as hell, but I can't believe how much I like the Camillus Talon in 154CM. Don't get me wrong, I love my Sebenza for cutting open boxes, but the 154CM Talon is nice for work you want to use a fixed blade for. I honestly thing that between the Mini Talon in Talonite and the Talon in 154CM you can handle just about any daily task you are going to come across. I really like the TekLok that comes with the larger Talon's (both Talonite and 154) as well.

Another knife to keep in mind is the REKAT Pikuni - it has the tougher D-2 steel and is a great little worker as well. Takes an edge, holds it, and cuts like a little demon.

When it comes to self defense, I have a feeling that the CRKT Polkowski Companion is going to do very well with it's dual sheath system. The drawback here is the steel that was chosen for it - but again, it's a hell of a value.

Darrel's EDC makes for a great shop knife if you wear an apron or something that you'd want to leave the knife hanging over. If it had a slimmer profile, I'd probably jump all over it as my number one choice in the sub $30 arena. Unfortunately, it's just a bit too large for my tastes... maybe they'll come out with an ArcLite 2? You listening Will?


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There are four fixed blades that I carry on a pretty regular basis: Two small hunting type knives from Scandinavia, a puukko, and a Sean Perkins 8" Hunter. Their blade lengths are between 3" and 3.5".

All of 'em are carried in the front right pocket with the top of the handle sticking out. It's really a great carry method; comfortable, easily accessible with both hands, not overly visible. Cougar Allen deserves credit for spreading the word about this way to carry a fixed blade.

Pouch sheaths seem to work the best with this method. I personally cut off part of the top of the sheath along with the belt loop, but you certainly don't have to do that.

My state law says blades over 3.5" cannot be concealed, but local laws are a different story. Some local laws around here prohibit concealed carry of "dirks and daggers", but finding out what they mean by that would take a lot of difficult research, so phuck it.


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Fallkniven WM1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is one of the very best utility knives that I have ever handled.
It is sized like a folder , but it has a far more comfortable handle that will not dig into your hand, no matter how much you use it.