Fixed blade convert??


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Oct 3, 1998

I will say up front that I am no knife fighter. I try to practice with my carry knives in the event the well being of myself or my wife and kids are ever endangered. But my knives are first and foremost tools I use everyday at work and around the house. They will only be weapons as a last resort. My defensive practice usually amounts to practicing on soft targets for acuracy. Yesterday at the gunshow I picked up a Cold Steel SRK and today got the urge to practice on a harder target which is a large dead tree in the back yard. I realized that when I practice on something very solid the confidence in my folders went right out the window. Now I believe in a defensive situation you want to go for a soft target, but the body is full of hard bones and is very possible you may hit the rib cage or something. But slashes against the tree with a folder were not impressive. Stabbing at only moderate speeds felt as though my hand was going to slip up on the blade. I tried this with a number of different folders. Also with the impact involved with full power really made me question lock strength (even the axis) and whether they could take it (heh, or if my fingers could). I also practiced with the SRK. The slashes were much greater in the hammer and reverse grips. Also full power stabs were done with much more confidence. I realize I still have to depend on a folder as there are times when a decent size fixed blade are not possible (such as at work) but when ever possible I think my folders will be very last ditch back ups only. Which is a bummer since I have so many folders and very few fixed blades. As a side note, with a little imagination and a little paracord the new Kydex sheaths that come with the SRK make great inside the waistband sheaths. Any thoughts on any of the above? Thanks .

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Don't what folders you have but I would be afraid to do any hard stabbing with most folders except those with a good grip and finger index. For me, these include the KFF, AFCK, Native and hopefully soon, the Carnivour. Test the locks well, beforehand too.

Richard I sure agree with you about holding back with the folders on hard target practice. I've been using a cut resistant glove to test folders. As of yet I haven't had one fail while going all out. I trust the Gerber Covert with the safety lock so far. For a good quality low priced neck knife take a close look at Fred Carter's Guardian with a four inch blade.It is now available in 3 blade configurations. The magnetic sheath works slick but loose the pocket clip. I took a shot with a stick over the sheath in practice and ended up with a deep clip impression in my chest.(ouch)
The smooth sheath w/o the clip should be great.


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