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Fixed Blade Knives?

Oct 3, 1998
Hello. This is not really a question about any specific knife review. I was just wondering what everybodys opinions are on a fixed blade knife for general utility stuff and self defense. What do you think is a good fixed blade at a medium price, and what about top of the line super duper expensive fixed blades? Also, I have not heard many people ever talk of SOG fixed blades, are they any good???
thanks in advance for your input. :)

Fixed blades were basic tools long, long before people developed the technical know-how to make folders, autos, etc.

For general purpose - and defense - you can't beat a fixed blade. I carry one in my vehicle for a variety of reason. Personal carry short of a visible sheath will get you into some speciality rigs which you can learn all about in other sections of this forum.

I can't help much with your question about SOG. I've seen them and they are effective looking but I've never used or owned one.

I suspect that before very long your get all the information you could want on SOG.
Stay Sharp
A fixed blade is better for every JOB that a knife can do. It's drawback is convenience for some people.

Here in CA., it gets kinda tricky to carry a fixed blade so even I still carry a folder(or two or three

My experience with SOG is that they used to be pretty decent but the quality, by todays standards, has gone way down. I had a SEAL 2000 and did not like it too well. 440c is no where near the top of my list for blade steels.

In my opinion, Mad Dog is the definitive word in fixed blade knives. I have never seen any other knife that will perform with one.

Hope this helps,
Chris Reeve fixed blades are also good. I like the fact that they are machined out of a single piece of steel. The construction, fit and finsh are excellent. I own a Mountaineer II and it is my favorite utility fixed blade.

Info can be found at: www.chrisreeve.com

Unfortunately, the pictures don't do justice to the knives or the leather sheaths.