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Fixed blade makers

Aug 23, 2006
Can any one identify the maker of a pair of Damascus knives, stamped MP, one is a fighting Bowie with a 7 3/16" L x 3/16T x 1 5/8" W blade (12 1/4" total L) with engrailed spine, with massive full round stag handle (hidden tang), teardrop (hunters) brass guard, brass butt cap with black and white spacers, the other is a small matching utility or bird knife with 4 1/4L x3/16T x 3/4 W blade with engrailed spine (8 1/4" total). Also, I have a 13"L x 1/4"T x 1 1/2"W full tang Bowie with nickel, diamond shaped guard and nickel butt plates ( not a cap) and large (oversized) stag slab handles. It appears to have had "BOWIE" roll stamped in large letters on the right side of the blade but appears to have been neatly ground off and polished (barely visible). It reminds me of a Sheffield Bowie or IXL that use to be advertised in the back of magazines back in the 50's. I am unable to download photos to this Forum but can email them if anyone is interested in helping me identify these knives. I am also curious as to the value but not really intrested in selling. I was at an estate auction and bid on the latter knives and ended up with these three as well as several Peter Olson knives which I may sell and two BCS knives with bear jawbone handles and a Ted Miller knife. Any info on these knives would be greatly appreciated. While owning these knives is a real thrill, I have gotten a bigger thrill out of tracking down information on the makers, but have come to a dead end on the three previously mentioned blades. Thanks...Guy Johnston whpjnstn@sbcglobal.net