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Fixed blade opinions

Nov 11, 2005
I have never had a fixed blade before but I find myself increasingly drawn to the offerings from CRK.I enjoy hiking and dabble in winter climbing.The obvious advantage I see to carrying a fixed blade is accessibility,particularily in extremely cold temperatures when gloved/mittened hands restrict fishing and fumbling with a folder.The model that seems most attractive to me is the Mountaineer I.

I'd love to hear opinions on hiking and climbing with a fixed blade.How do you carry them,and what are the pros and cons?...TIA.
For the same reasons tha you I own the Neil Roberts warrior model.
That's a good choice. My first thought was also one of CRK smaller fixed blade. I have its older brother, the Mtn II. It's a great knife. I carry my attached to my pack's shoulder strap, so it is easy to access while hiking.
If you want something small,get The Aviator from CRK.I like the Sable Blades which are larger.Plus,with these you can pack some matches and other small needs in the handle.Very strong one pc. design.Let us know what you decide.

The hollow handles are probably the best option if you want a light weight, yet strong and balanced blade. As said, a small lighter, matches, ammo, etc can be stored in the knife, and it is waterproof; something that is rather important. I personally prefer a large fixed blade, but size has as much opinion base to it as it does factual base, if not more.
Excellent input,thank you folks.The Aviator is an interesting piece that I hadn't considered,thanks MPE.
Excellent input,thank you folks.The Aviator is an interesting piece that I hadn't considered,thanks MPE.If I may,what's an internal guard?

I went through the same thoughts and was torn between buying and Aviator or Mountaineer 1, the main differences are the single guard on the Mountaineer compared to a double on the Aviator and the saw back on the Aviator - I'm told the saw back is for cutting through the fibreglass fuselage of a small plane in an emergency, it will saw other materials but not well. I liked the single guard on the Mountaineer as it would be easier to orientate the knife in the dark by touch alone, it also allows the thumb to be easily placed on the back of the blade for cutting.

For a general purpose camping/hiking knife I felt therefore the Mountaineer was the better choice for me and I bought one :D

Best knife I own

Best wishes
I love fixed blades. Their strength comes from their simplicity. They are simpler to make, and therefore cost less. Their construction is simpler, so there is less that can go wrong.

I like buying handmade fixed blades because you get more steel for your dollar. My EDC rotation is made up from handmade fixed blades. This is one of the great things about being Canadian--no problem carrying a fixed blade.

Regarding carry, get some custom kydex/concealex, and you can carry in just about any position you like. I highly recommend Eric. His G-Clips allow you to carry a knife in just about any orientation you can imagine, including IWB. I prefer his clips to Tek-Lok.